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The CMCC Foundation researchers Elisa Calliari, Fabio Ciervo, and Andrea Critto  presented the results of a climate risk analysis and flood vulnerability assessment in Paraguay realized in the framework of the “CHAKE OU – Strengthening of institutional and community preparedness and coordination capacities for disaster risk reduction in Paraguay” project.

The study, entitled “Climate risk analysis and flood vulnerability assessment in Paraguay” assesses trends of climate variables in Paraguay, considering the last IPCC scenarios while realizing an assessment of the impacts of the extreme events, with a special focus on the impacts of floods for the economic sectors.

After a first mission for the acquisition of the climate simulation data in November, CMCC researchers came back in Paraguay to present their results, providing useful information to be used to design and implement a National Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation in Paraguay.

Among the topics addressed by CMCC researchers: assessment of the economic impacts of floods in Paraguay (on the basis of analyses and simulations), realized by researchers Elisa Calliari and Andrea Critto (CMCC RAAS Division), climate risk analysis for the whole country of Paraguay, realized by researcher Fabio Ciervo (CMCC REMHI Division); flood hazard and vulnerability analysis at the country and Paraguay river basin level, realized by  Andrea Critto.

The workshops are organized in Asunción (Paraguay) from February 20th to 23rd, by CMCC and the Italian ngo COOPI, in collaboration with the Ministry of National Emergency of Paraguay.

The project CHAKE OU, realized by the CMCC Foundation in collaboration with Plan UK and Coopi, is funded by ECHO – European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department. The project aims at contributing to the reduction of the vulnerability to multiple hazards of vulnerable population groups in Asuncion, Alto Paraguay and Presidente Hayes by strengthening national, sub-national institutions and communities’ preparedness capacities.
More information about the project are available HERE.

Source (in Spanish): http://www.sen.gov.py/noticia/1553-expertos-de-cmcc-presentan-analisis-del-riesgo-climatico-en-paraguay-y-la-vulnerabilidad-antes-las-inundaciones.html#.WK8CDhAnZKY