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    Increasing coherence in actions and using innovative methods can improve the handling of weather- and climate-related hazards, according to a report by the European Environment Agency (EEA) published today […]

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    Food security, migrant emergency and climate induced displacement, with a focus on the current situation in Africa and in the Mediterranean area. Prof. Riccardo Valentini takes part to the conference organized by CNR with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers while attending the round-table focused on how to contribute to the success of the Paris Agreement […]

  • 171006_prato

    The CMCC at work to evaluate the effects of heat waves on population health between now and 2050 in the Tuscan municipality […]

  • 20171009_extreme_events

    Reducing risk and better adaptation strategies will be crucial to face extreme weather events such as heatwaves, storm surges and floods. On October 17, 2017, in Brussels, EEA report launch and policy debate. Join it via streaming! […]

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    High computational requirements for a new generation of high resolution climate models. The potential of parallel architectures to reduce the execution time, as shown in this recent work of CMCC researcher Silvia Mocavero […]

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    How much do we know about natural and man-made disasters? And how we can use existing knowledge to save lives and money? The state-of-the-art in disaster risk management in a comprehensive report of the European Commission’s Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre. Among the authors, CMCC researchers Jaroslav Mysiak, Dionisio Peréz Blanco and Elisa Calliari of RAAS – Risk assessment and adaptation strategies Division […]

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    There’s time to participate until October 15, 2017. Two cities, two challenges, one goal: to address climate change related risks while finding innovative and sustainable ideas and solutions […]

  • ClimathonLecce_CMCC

    Solutions to address coastal erosion and the relationship between Lecce and its sea. This is the goal of Climathon, a 24-hour event to be held on October 27-28, 2017. How to apply? Application deadline for participants: October 15, 2017 […]

  • 20170918_festivalClimateurope

    What happened in Valencia? Get a summary of the first Climateurope festival in this great newsletter issue full of information on climate services, stories on fruitful collaboration between climate science and society, publications, videos and more […]

  • 20170913_JOSE

    Jose’s impact on the ocean analysing the CMCC global ocean forecasting system. According to it, a large hurricane-induced sea surface cooling greater than 5 Celsius degrees, can be expected […]

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    Leading water researchers from Australia, the US and Europe to identify those factors enabling and preventing a successful efficiency-oriented water management. A workshop organized by the CMCC in Venice and broadcasted live via Go-to-Webinar […]

  • 170908_IRMA

    According to a forecast based on the CMCC global ocean forecast system, a partial but not fundamental role of the ocean cooling in reducing IRMA intensity before landfall, can be expected […]

  • 170828_ocean_oscillation

    Human activities have an influence on sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean and as a consequence on a number of important climate phenomena. A study by CMCC Foundation recently published provides new perspectives on the international scientific debate summarized and presented by Nature journal. […]

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    Did you know that countries with better governance are characterized by higher levels of energy-related Research and Development, or that left-wing governments are more likely to devote resources to the energy sector? And what’re the impacts on energy innovation? A new study by CMCC Foundation explores the effects of environmental policy, institutions, political orientation, and lobbying on energy innovation […]

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    The biology, genetics and pathogenicity of Xylella fastidiosa. The ecology and control of Xf vectors. Tools for early detection, eco-epidemiology and risk assessment, innovative and sustainable strategies for the control of the disease. Do you want to know more about the XF – ACTORS project? Take a look at its factsheet! […]