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    Submit your abstract and participate in the Integrated Modeling Assessment Consortium annual meeting, to be held in Sevilla, Spain, on November 13-15, 2018. Deadline for submissions: 30 June 2018 […]

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    From the many kilometers traveled by bike to the stream of words in her beloved books. Get to know with Paola Flaminio, working at the project office in Lecce […]

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    Why do we need multi-risk assessments? What are the gaps? How can IT help us in understanding multi-risk dynamics and in validating? Call for papers is open for the 5th edition of the INQUIMUS interactive workshop, that will take place in Venice in December […]

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    Precipitation has a direct impact on both the ecosystem and the human society, it affects groundwater and reservoirs, and constitutes a major environmental hazard. CMCC researcher Paola Marson presents a new statistical framework able to describe the spatial distribution and intensity of rainfall, especially focusing on mountainous regions. Watch the video […]

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    The number of users of the joint European Environment Agency (EEA) – European Commission Climate-ADAPT online knowledge hub has increased fivefold since its launch in 2012, according to an EEA report recently published. The assessment confirms the increasing value of the web platform for users such as policy makers, city planners, and other experts who are looking to share and make use of information and best practices in adapting to climate change […]

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    Tax reliefs, carbon taxes and incentives promote the sales of low-emission cars. A new study by the European Environment Agency (EEA) demonstrates how the political measures undertaken in different countries are fundamental to increase such a commerce […]

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    A one-year international Master Programme to train new experts that will contribute in facing the challenge of climate change […]

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    Over the last few years, an ever-increasing number of lawsuits have seen citizens and associations bringing governments to the courts to enforce climate change commitments or to push for more ambitious policy goals […]

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    Researcher Tommi Vuorenmaa clarified the properties and prerequisites of blockchain technology, and provide some thoughts on the application in the field of climate data services. Watch the video […]

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    Estimates of climate impacts in Europe reveal a distinct north-south gradient, placing harsher damages on some of the poorer European countries. A similar pattern exists in the United States. James Rising, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, London School of Economics provides a piece on new research on the social cost of carbon and the importance of higher resolution climate projections […]

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    Human innovations have created widespread human prosperity. However, they are also threatening the global environmental systems on which our economy and civilization depend. The likely solutions to these challenges will require yet more innovation: 3 policy proposals that would support more innovation of the environmentally beneficial kind […]

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    A meeting in Venice in the frame of the Sustainable Development Festival. The main guest was Enrico Giovannini, spokesperson of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development  (ASVIS) and author of the book “L’utopia sostenibile” (ed. Laterza, 2018). A conversation on sustainability as an opportunity for a positive change in the economy and the society […]

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    The economic cost of weather and climate extremes. Natural hazards, past trends and projections. Take a look to the Eurostat section dedicated to climate change, including analyses and statistics realized by CMCC researchers for EEA in the framework of the ETC/CCA activities […]

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    If recent agreements show the worldwide political willingness to deal with climate change, countries’ promises have yet to be turned into practical policy designs. Carbon Taxes are widely praised by economists as the most efficient way to internalize the social impact of carbon emissions, yet their implementation is still slow. What are the barriers to their implementation and how can governments improve their policy designs? Some insights from a paper recently published […]

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    While climate change mitigation measures may cause short-term job losses, the new flagship report by the International Labor Organization shows that a just transition to a more sustainable economy offers much potential for job creation and the promotion of decent work […]