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The ECIP Division aims to translate into economic values climate scenarios and the subsequent quantification of the impact of climate change, in collaboration with other divisions. The economic valuation is then the basis for designing the most appropriate policies to mitigate emissions and for adaptation to climate change.


  • Development of the coupling among the economic, climate and land uses models of CMCC;
  • Development of GHG emissions scenarios and low carbon scenarios;
  • Assessment of the economic value of impacts of climate change at global and regional level, with a focus on extreme events;
  • Analysis of mitigation and adaptation policies on climate change;
  • Research and networking activities on governance of climate change.
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  • Economic Assessment of Climate Impacts and Adaptation Policy

    Research Unit Leader:

    Fabio Eboli
    • a) Socio-economic impacts of climate change and vulnerability assessment, Fabio Eboli
    • b) Adaptation, investments and public debt sustainability, Ramiro Parrado
  • Integrated Modeling, Low Carbon Scenarios and Mitigation Policy

    Research Unit Leader:

    Valentina Bosetti
    • a) Coupling among economic, climate and land use models, Valentina Bosetti
    • b) Carbon removal, geo-engineering and low carbon energy, Massimo Tavoni
    • b1) Italy-US Cooperation on socio-economic aspects of mitigation
    • b2) Low carbon transition paths
    • c) Mitigation and adaptation policy with risks and uncertainty, Enrica De Cian
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