Funded by
  • European Territorial Cooperation Operational Programme "Greece-Italy" (2007 - 2013)
Duration 2 years from 01/01/2012 to 30/11/2014

Coordinating organizationTop
  • CMCC - Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change
CMCC Scientific LeaderTop CMCC Project managerTop DivisionTop General aimsTop

The project aims at designing and implementing an “IONian Integrated marine Observatory” (IONIO) that will produce environmental information about the Southern Adriatic and Northern Ionian (SANI) Programme Area to support safer maritime traffic and the reduction of pollution hazard.

CMCC RoleTop

The CMCC role in management considers tasks related to the financial management and the technical coordination, the organisation of meetings and the production of dissemination material.

Expected resultsTop

A monitoring and forecasting system for the SANI area which will allow the dissemination of high resolution environmental information to mariners in the area. Such information will be at the basis of navigator decisions on safer routes, better management of emergencies for lifesavers and for responders to pollution events. The wind, wave and current observations and forecast complement the national observing networks adding the cross-area monitoring capabilities of the IONIO components.

A database containing the observational and modelling data from 2008 (for model only) to the end of the project. Such data base will give the necessary environmental information for the sustainable development of transport systems in the Programme Area, following the directions of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive, recently approved.

A Web Portal for the cataloguing, discovery and visualization of the database, both in real time and delayed mode. This will form the basis of the IONIO service for the rapid dissemination of relevant environmental information to regional stakeholders for increasing the area’s accessibility and attractiveness.

A Decision Support System for Search And Rescue which computes the trajectory of bodies at the surface and subsurface to help reduce the loss of lifes due to ship accidents.

A Decision Support System for Ship Routing and Safety which will include real time wind, wave and current data provided by the IONIO modelling system to promote safe navigation.

A Decision Support System for Pollution Harzard Mapping which contains information about the ship tracks crossing the area and the potential dispersal of pollutants from along track operational releases evaluated using the analyses from the open ocean models of the SANI area and the Gulf of Taranto.


CMCC will be the main responsible for all the management and dissemination Activities of WP1 “Management & Coordination” and WP2 “Information and Publicity”.
- For the technical-scientific role, CMCC will be responsible for the Activity 4.1 “Nested SANI Circulation models, design and implementation”, 4.2 “Coastal model of Gulf of Taranto”, 4.5 “Assessment of the IONIO modelling quality”, 5.3 “Ship routing and Safety Decision Support System” and 5.4 “Pollution Hazard Mapping Decision Support System”.
- CMCC will contribute to the activities of 3.1 “Design of the IONIO Observing System”, 4.4 “Targeted Operational Period Operation” and 5.1 “Web-GIS GeoPortal for IONIO Data” and 5.2 “Search and Rescue Decision Support System”.

  • ENEA - Agenzia nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l'energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenibile
  • HCMR - Hellenic Center for Marine Research