Funded by
  • Global Climate Foundation
Duration 12 months from 01/01/2012 to 31/12/2012

Coordinating organizationTop
  • CMCC - Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change
CMCC Scientific LeaderTop CMCC Project managerTop DivisionTop General aimsTop

Mobilising climate, water and land-use knowledge, private finance and public policy through participatory social networks.

Expected resultsTop
  • Contribution to social capital building in the Mediterranean basin through web tools.
  • Scientific publication on new tools and methods for integrated climate governance in the Mediterranean.
  • Collaborate to the develoment of a brief inception document to be used for the involvement of experts in the activities;
  • Contribute to the set up of the list of disciplinary experts to be interviewed;
  • Analyse two case study areas (North & South Med), identifying their status and possible developments and contribution both to climate change mitigation and adaptation, i.e. assessing their potential for local climatic restoration, renewable energy, and sustainable development;
  • Interview GCF and other experts to identify possible scenarios in the two case studies, identifying requirements for the implementation of an Integrated Climate Governance process, focusing on uncovering scientific evidences, existing knowledge-policy gaps, and the most feasible strategies and options for successful integrated governance;
  • Map financial and investment mechanisms to support the Integrated Climate Governance process, including climate change mitigation and adaptation options, by interviewing experts of the financial market.