Forests facing climate change: the case study of Southern Europe

Chestnut, the birch, the spruce could disappear on the most part of their historical European distribution. Beech, fir, larch, Scots pine, English and […]

Boosting innovation through the added value of climate services: the CLARA project launched

How to promote the European innovation potential and economic growth in the face of climate change? A new project aiming at developing a set of leading-edge climate services drawing on the Copernicus seasonal climate forecasts. A portfolio of climate services to improve policy and decision makings in five priority areas: disaster risk reduction, water resource management, agriculture and food security, renewable energy sources, and public health […]

Xylella: the challenge we can win

It’s about all of us, not only the Apulia region. Climate science can do its part and the CMCC is at forefront with its cutting edge technologies. Riccardo Valentini at the meeting of experts organized by Coldiretti in Lecce […]

Xylella fastidiosa: how science tries to save olive trees

A problem in Apulia starting to become a reason of concern in Europe too. Research and innovation together to find solutions. The CMCC is at the forefront to provide measures against the infection […]

A fellowship to study the Mediterranean climate

A PhD grant at the University of Salento to carry out research on the climate of the Mediterranean region in the framework of the global climate change soon available. Find out how to apply […]

IPCC agrees special reports, AR6 work-plan

Decided the strategy and timeline for next series of reports, the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), and the special reports that will be prepared in the next few years. Special attention to the impacts of climate change on cities and their unique adaptation and mitigation challenges and opportunities […]

Climate-related parameters as proxy for rainfall deficiency and aridity: the case study of Burkina Faso

A methodology for the identification of areas for which extreme climatological conditions may intensify aridity processes and rainfall deficiency. Those two aspects, combined with a potential water demand increase, may favor the intensification of the aridity processes […]

How is climate changing in Italy?

Results more and more reliable from simulations increasingly accurate and detailed that allow to study climate change in Italy as never before. From the CMCC, new information available for policy and decision makers […]

Climate change: projected impacts in the Himalayan region

How might change in the future the spatial distribution of bioclimatic strata and ecoregions within the transboundary Kailash Sacred Landscape (KSL) of China, India and Nepal. A study on Climatic Change […]

The map of the Mediterranean climate in the 21st century

How the geographic distribution of the Mediterranean climate will change based on the latest-available climate projections for the 21st century. A study by CMCC researcher A. Cherchi on Scientific Reports […]

Po river discharge: hydrological simulations under climate change scenarios

The impacts on water availability of climate change on Po River basin. Climate and hydrological projections up to 2100 two IPCC scenarios. A new study on Science of the Total Environment […]

Heavy precipitation events over the Euro-Mediterranean region in a warmer climate

A picture of a Euro-Mediterranean region with intensifying heavy precipitation events over the majority of land, especially during winter, as confirmed by CMIP5 model projections for the end of the twenty-first century. A new study on Regional Environmental Change […]

Regional climate modeling over China with COSMO-CLM: performance assessment and climate projections

An assessment of the capabilities of COSMO-CLM to describe the climate of China in the recent past. Climate projections, under the new IPCC RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 emission scenarios, show a significant warming expected in China over the 21st century, while precipitation changes are expected only on a regional scale. A study on Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres […]

Effects of climate change on landslides: the Orvieto case study

A detailed analysis of local rainfall history and of monitoring data coupled to high-resolution climate projections provided by the Regional Climate Model COSMO-CLM for two different emission scenarios. A study on Procedia Earth and Planetary Science […]

The CLIM-RUN project: the video

The CLIM-RUN project presents itself in a video: aims, methods and results told by climate researchers and experts […]