Top 10 innovations that will help the world to cut CO2 emissions

The Innovation for Cool Earth Forum elected the most notable among recent innovative developments in energy and climate change mitigation area that had been presented within the past 2 years. Selection criteria include GHG emissions reduction potential, innovativeness, and overall feasibility. Here a presentation of the winning projects […]

The political economy of energy innovation

Did you know that countries with better governance are characterized by higher levels of energy-related Research and Development, or that left-wing governments are more likely to devote resources to the energy sector? And what’re the impacts on energy innovation? A new study by CMCC Foundation explores the effects of environmental policy, institutions, political orientation, and lobbying on energy innovation […]

INNOPATHS: Building a shared vision for the EU energy transition

What are the major challenges that emission intensive sectors face in order to transition towards decarbonization? Six workshops, focused on six sectors of particular importance to the low-carbon transition – power, buildings, transport, agriculture, industry and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) – to foster the exchange and discussion of views […]

Visions for post-carbon cities in the energy transition

The strategies envisaged for a transition process towards post-carbon cities in the framework of the EU project POCACITO. The CMCC contribution to the report of the LCS-RNet community on cutting edge research for low carbon societies aiming at contributing to international as well as national policymaking […]

WE are MED: going beyond thematic communities

The event organized by the Interreg MED Programme on May 16th – 17th in Alicante. An occasion to work on project synergies, find a common work methodology and build a strong Interreg MED community […]

Towards a low carbon economy: a new climate strategy for Albania launched

A comprehensive strategy and action plan with targets and methods on how to mitigate climate change is now in place. It covers policies and actions in those economic sectors that contribute most to carbon emissions […]

The Efficient Buildings thematic community launched

The Interreg Horizontal Project MEDNICE launched its community on energy efficiency for efficient buildings in the Mediterranean area during the kick-off meeting held in Nice, France, on March 7-8, 2017 […]

CO2 emissions: future income and energy efficiency as key drivers

How to combine economic growth and sustainability? The answers of a study published on Nature Climate Change, with the CMCC contribution by Giacomo Marangoni, Massimo Tavoni and Valentina Bosetti […]

FEEM – ICCG Best Practices Contest Awards: top projects for expanding access to climate finance

Bottom-up initiatives providing funds for emission reduction projects and climate resilience actions showcased at awarding event in Milan. Two projects awarded: the jury’s choice was motivated by the will to award two active and operative entities implementing microfinance strategies that have proven their capacity to deliver concrete results in climate-vulnerable developing countries […]

Italy-Russia cooperation, together to catch new opportunities

Scientific research, business, green economy, biodiversity, renewable energy, advanced innovation for agriculture. Those are the cornerstones of four initiatives of utmost excellence for an unprecedented collaboration between Italy and Russia that features as leading actors the excellence of Russian and Italian research (such as CMCC Foundation) and industrial partners. Initiatives presented at COP22 at the Italian Pavilion […]

Climate Change: A Good Investment

It is economically attractive, the benefits outweigh the costs, and mitigation could be defined as a development challenge. The outcomes of an international project on mitigation in South East Asia promoted by Asian Development Bank with scientific support of CMCC Foundation. […]

The rising impact of finance on climate change control

A framework aligning the decisions of financial institutions with long-term climate goals is taking shape. Carlo Carraro highlights the key role of climate finance […]

Renewable energy: new record reached in 2015

Global investments risen to 286 billion US dollars and installations for 147GW of of renewable power capacity added: all the results of Renewables 2016 Global Status Report released by REN21 […]

White drop: water, sustainability and energy nexus

Pianeta acqua second edition has been launched: on June 24-26, 2015, a focus on water footprint and water for transportation, energy, industry […]

2015 Best Climate Practices on Water Availability for Food Production

Send your practice from March 30 to July 10, 2015. Vote and share your favorite practice from September 1 to September 15, 2015 […]