Eleventh Annual Meeting of IAMC: the call for abstracts is open

Submit your abstract and participate in the Integrated Modeling Assessment Consortium annual meeting, to be held in Sevilla, Spain, on November 13-15, 2018. Deadline for submissions: 30 June 2018 […]

Climate change and human migrations, understanding the geopolitical nexus in the Euro-Mediterranean

How food insecurity affects migration and vice versa? A new report analyses the nexus food-migration, with a focus on the trans-Mediterranean countries. CMCC researchers M. Santini, L. Caporaso, G. Barbato and S. Noce explore how climate change influences the past, present and future vulnerability of countries of origin, transit and destination of migrants […]

Agriculture at risk in Italy: the potential impacts of climate change

What are the implications of warming on agricultural productivity? A focus on Italian agriculture in a new study recently published on European Review of Agricultural Economics highlighting that farm net revenues are very sensitive to seasonal changes in temperature and precipitation while suggesting increasingly harmful effects under more severe climate scenarios […]

Climate, agriculture, migration: scientific results and possible scenarios

Food security, migrant emergency and climate induced displacement, with a focus on the current situation in Africa and in the Mediterranean area. Prof. Riccardo Valentini takes part to the conference organized by CNR with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers while attending the round-table focused on how to contribute to the success of the Paris Agreement […]

Climate change: the organic farming potential

Cutting down the emissions by 60% while reaching the double objective of providing healthy food and mitigation strategies: organic farming could represent a pathway to achieve these goals. All the outcomes in the study of the CMCC Foundation on wholemeal bread production in Italy […]

IPCC agrees outlines of new reports

The reports will help governments understand the impact climate change is having on human activities and nature on land and sea and how human activity in these areas is affecting climate change. Both to be finalized in September 2019 […]

A multifunctional greenhouse to grow food and collect water wins the Best Climate Practices Award 2015

Announced the winner of the 2015 Best Climate Practices Contest on “Climate Change and Water Availability for Food Production”. The award ceremony on October 23, 2015, at EXPO Milano 2015

Putting genetic resources on the Climate Change Agenda

We need policies and mechanisms to improve exchanges of genetic material. Andy Jarvis on the specific roles of genetic resources for food and agriculture in coping with climate change […]

Rome 2015 – Science Symposium on Climate: call for abstracts

On 19-20 November, 2015, in Rome, the Italian Scientific Societies  involved in the study of climate jointly organize Rome 2015 – Science Symposium […]

How will climate change affect agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa?

CMCC researcher Valentina Mereu at EXPO to talk about impacts and uncertainties for African agriculture due to climate change […]

“Over here and nowadays”: pictures from everyday climate change

Photographer James Whitlow Delano on the importance to deal with climate change. From July 28th to August 28th 2015, an exhibition in Milan presents his project […]

2015 Best Climate Practices on Water Availability for Food Production

Send your practice from March 30 to July 10, 2015. Vote and share your favorite practice from September 1 to September 15, 2015 […]

Land grabbing: water, energy and food security

It’s a matter of human rights and a source of concern for civil society, NGOs, international organizations and academia. A conversation with Marta Antonelli on large-scale land acquisitions […]

Climate and security: new perspectives on addressing climate change

Water scarcity, natural resources and international conflicts. That’s why the climate is not a merely environmental issue. Angela Liberatore opened the SISC Annual Conference […]

A climate agenda for Nigeria

A two-year research to analyze the challenges Nigeria is called to face from climate change effects. “Toward Climate-Resilient Development in Nigeria”, a book by the World Bank with contribution of CMCC’s researchers; R. Valentini and M. Santini (IAFENT Division) as editors […]