COP23 Side Event “Towards Sustainable Climate Change Response Measures under the Paris Agreement”

The methods for evaluating nationally determined contributions’ emission reduction efforts and assesses their economic costs. A focus on how to reduce compliance costs while highlighting the value of technology and social innovations. A COP23 event in Bonn with the participation of CMCC President Antonio Navarra and Prof. Carlo Carraro […]

Building the resilience of nations and communities to disasters: the outcome of the 2017 European Forum

A unique opportunity in Instabul to shape the implementation and monitoring of the Sendai Framework in Europe. Preparing to share experiences, lessons learnt, and gap analyses views on disaster risk reduction in Europe for the 2017 Global Platform to be held on 22-26 May 2017, in Cancun, Mexico. Read the final declaration of the Open Forum […]

COP22 in Marrakech: an assessment of its achievements

Keeping political momentum high was one the main goal of the Marrakech Climate Change Conference, as stressed by its slogan the “COP of action”. Many concrete issues had been left unanswered by the Paris Agreement. With its rapid entry into force, COP22 was asked to start considering how to shift from what was decided in Paris to how the agreement’s ambitious objectives will actually be fulfilled. A new post by Carlo Carraro […]

Special COP22 Marrakech: the Paris Agreement powers the engine up

The 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties (#COP22) is taking place from 7-18 November 2016 in Marrakech, Morocco. The event starts just a few days after the entry into force of the Paris Agreement, on November 4, 2016. Analyses, background and future implications from the newsletter of Climate Policy Observer […]

G20: key step forward as US and China agree to ratify Paris climate deal

Presidents Obama and Xi ratified the Paris Climate Change Agreement on the eve of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China. At the moment, 26 Parties, accounting for 39.06% of global GHG emissions, have ratified of 197 Parties to the Convention […]

ICCG Lecture Series on Climate Finance

Barbara Buchner, Executive Director, Climate Policy Initiative, opens this new cycle and explores the influence of the Paris Agreement on the climate finance agenda. Watch the video […]

Up to 155 countries set to sign Paris Agreement

More than 150 governments, with US and China pushing to bring Paris climate deal into force as soon as possible, have confirmed that they will attend the signing ceremony on April 22 in New York. The Paris climate agreement needs to be approved by 55 countries accounting for at least 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions to enter into force. Last updates on events planned and the list of Parties signing the agreement […]

Commitments to sign the Paris agreement are piling up

The high-level ceremony convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in New York on April 22 is approaching and increasing number of countries have already promised to sign the global climate deal adopted at COP21: US and China, and then India, Australia, Brazil, South Africa. Over 130 countries attending the signing ceremony including some 60 world leaders, UN says. […]

The role of Science and the Paris Climate Agreement

Based on knowledge provided by the international scientific community, the text calls science to play a leading role also in the future. Antonio Navarra comments on the COP21 final accord […]

Climate Change: Three Italian Regions leading actors at COP21

A network of European Regions collaborating to tackle climate change, the proposal of decarbonizing two big Apulian factories, the assessment of social and environmental impacts of climate change. Sardinia, Apulia and Lazio key players in an international meeting at COP21 in Paris […]

SPECIAL COP21 – The elephant(s) in the negotiation room: how will differentiation be addressed in the Paris deal?

UPDATE Dec. 5, 2015, 12.30 am: ADP adopted new version of the Draft agreement including reflections note (Annex II) with changes suggested during the last session discussions. The text will be the the starting point of the next week’s negotiations […]

Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction: success or warning sign for Paris?

The agreed commitments and targets of the international blueprint adopted in Sendai, Japan, as well as its implications for the later UN-led negotiations on sustainable development goals and climate change, reviewed and discussed. A study on Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences […]

COP19, CMCC participations in events and meetings

A side event on climate knowledge and planning, participations in several meetings and an exhibit with materials on researches and activities: join the CMCC initiatives at COP19 […]

Energy notes from the IEW

Highlights from the 2013 International Energy Workshop. The online journal Re3 interviews Carlo Carraro, Jos Delbeke, David Hobbs, Jiang Kejun, Leena Srivastava and Jorge Vasconcelos […]

Climate negotiations: Europe, let’s close the gap

EU Commissioner Connie Hedegaard, talks about EU ETS back-loading and encourages EU to make up its mind in the 2030 horizon. The full interview on Climate Science and Policy […]