“Meet the IPCC”: Interview with Professor Carlo Carraro, Vice-Chair of IPCC Working Group III

Read the interview with Professor Carlo Carraro, Strategic Advisor at the CMCC Foundation, on the latest IPCC Working Group III blog post. His research, the role of economics in the IPCC, and the challenges of meeting the long-term goal of the Paris Agreement […]

Draft IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C

Sent out for comments from governments and other experts, the text is a work in progress which could change substantially and do not necessarily represent the IPCC’s final assessment of the state of knowledge. According to leaked IPCC drafts, we need unprecedented changes in energy use, industry and other sectors to limit global warming below 1.5°C […]

IPCC agrees outlines of new reports

The reports will help governments understand the impact climate change is having on human activities and nature on land and sea and how human activity in these areas is affecting climate change. Both to be finalized in September 2019 […]

IPCC agrees special reports, AR6 work-plan

Decided the strategy and timeline for next series of reports, the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), and the special reports that will be prepared in the next few years. Special attention to the impacts of climate change on cities and their unique adaptation and mitigation challenges and opportunities […]

IPCC elects Hoesung Lee of Republic of Korea as Chair

Lee, aged 69, is professor in the economics of climate change, energy and sustainable development at Korea University’s Graduate School of Energy and Environment in the Republic of Korea. […]

The IPCC at a crossroads: opportunities for reform

Carlo Carraro co-authored an article in the journal Science on the future of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change […]

People on the move: migration in the face of climate change

Put aside any prophecy of doom and let’s talk about something that could be used as a resilience-enhancing strategy. Koko Warner, United Nations University, on migration in the face of climate change […]

Setting the new path for the IPCC

It plays an influential role in the in the climate change policy process. But its operations are becoming unfit for purpose. Reasons and improvements to overcome the obstacles. From Carlo Carraro’s Blog […]

Fertile ground for climate policy

After years of stagnation in action on climate, something is happening. Suggested by Carlo Carraro, four reports help us to better understand what happened in the 2014 and what is to come in 2015 […]

U.S. and China: the landmark climate agreement

New targets for carbon emissions reductions by the United States and a first-ever commitment by China to peak emissions by 2030. New perspectives on mitigation and the IPCC scenarios (video) […]

Climate: everything you need to know about it

Climate science as you have never seen before. Video, animations, pictures, in-depth analysis: because climate is changing for everyone, not only for scientists. www.clima2014.it […]

VIDEO/ Everything you need to know about the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report – WG3: Mitigation of Climate Change

Policies, technologies and strategies: what our societies can do to cut greenhouse gases emissions and meet the 2°C target. The Italian authors speak about the Report. Watch the video. […]

Clima2014/ IPCC AR5 – WG III

Mitigation of Climate Change. The Summary for Policy Makers (SPM) of the Fifth Assessment Report on Climate Change – WGIII released in Berlin. Documents and materials by the IPCC

Everything you need to know about the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report – Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

The Italian authors of the Report explain the impacts, the vulnerabilities and the opportunities for effective action to address risks and capitalize on future climate benefits […]

Partnership for Studying Climate Change honored by Tech Transfer Regional Competition

The Earth System Grid Federation, the federation that manages the first-ever decentralized database for climate science data, awarded as “Outstanding partnership”. […]