Climate change: the challenge of resilient cities

How will our future cities look? In Bologna, an event to discuss about the future of our cities and their ability to adapt to the new climate scenarios expected to have an increasing influence on health, wealth and quality of life of their inhabitants. With the participation of the CMCC experts Paola Mercogliano and Sergio Castellari […]

Climathon 2017: what happened in Lecce, Venice, Sassari and Bologna

Coastal erosion and sustainable development of the seaside in Lecce, art and science in dialogue to address sea level rise in Venice, green infrastructures to enhance urban resilience to climate change in Sassari, Copernicus data for developing green and blue urban networks in Bologna. The challenges and solutions awarded in the Climathon events organized or supported by the CMCC Foundation […]

ECOMONDO: all the ideas of Climathon 2017 for smart and resilient cities

Presented at Rimini Exhibition Ecomondo the winning projects of the Climathon marathons that took place in 18 Italian cities. Among them, the ideas awarded at the Climathon events of Lecce, Venice, Sassari and Bologna with CMCC involvement and participation […]

Climathon Lecce: ideas to save the future of our coasts. Here are the winners

A connection between the seaside and hinterland of the municipality of Lecce, a reduction of the anthropic pressure on coastal areas and a sharing responsibility in integrated coastal areas management. These are the key points of the winning project of Climathon Lecce 2017 entitled “LinkShiftShare” realized by Chiara De Rinaldis, Giuseppe Scandone, Federico Paperi, Michele Perrotti, Nunzio Luciano Fazio […]

An engineering approach to climate change: international and national experiences

How translate mitigation and adaptation objectives in specific planning criteria? Tools and methodologies in a seminar focused on water engineering: water resources, urban drainage, floods and the implications for climate adaptation plans. With the participation of CMCC researcher Paola Mercogliano […]

Visions for post-carbon cities in the energy transition

The strategies envisaged for a transition process towards post-carbon cities in the framework of the EU project POCACITO. The CMCC contribution to the report of the LCS-RNet community on cutting edge research for low carbon societies aiming at contributing to international as well as national policymaking […]

How to promote climate resilience in urban areas?

An impact assessment framework to support planning and evaluation of nature-based solutions projects: released the report of the EU funded project EKLIPSE. Among the experts, CMCC researcher Margaretha Breil of ECIP Division […]

How to find money to improve our cities (and protect them from climate change)

How much does climate change cost to our cities? It depends, but there are innovative opportunities and mechanisms to find adequate financial resources and invest them efficiently. All the details and key messages in the new report of the European Environment Agency (EEA) […]

Coastal urban modeling applications: heat waves and atmospheric transport and dispersion

Follow Dr. Julie Pullen’s seminar on October 15, 2015, starting at 10:00 a.m.

Providing environmental awareness to the urban coasts

Hurricanes, beach erosion, structural damage to big coastal cities, flooding: prof. Alan Blumberg at the CMCC’s Ocean Lab in Lecce to explain how to enhance our resilience to climate change and extreme weather events. Watch the video […]

For a resilient city: Bologna and the adaptation to climate change

Online the program of the final conference of the BLUE AP project, on 4 June 2015 in Bologna. With the contribution of CMCC that’s leading and coordinating the Scientific Committee […]

Quantifying the potential effects of climate change on precipitation to reduce urban vulnerability

The rainfall evolution for three African case studies showing future rainfall increase in terms of frequency. A new study on SpringerPlus […]

The 2013 ICCG Best Climate Practices Award goes to New York

Prof. Carlo Carraro awards the NYC Mayor Mr. Bloomberg for the New York City’s Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency, the initiative that aims to transform the city into a highly resilient urban space with respect to all expected climate impacts and in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy […]

New York City’s Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency awarded as the 2013 Best Climate Practice

Announcement of the winners of the 2013 ICCG Best Climate Practices Awards for Climate Change and Urban Resilience […]

“Climate Change and Urban Resilience. How to prepare our cities to respond to climate changes related challenges”

The Best Climate Practices call for proposals 2013, focused on urban resilience. Deadline: June 21st, 2013 […]