This activity provides information and knowledge regarding climate (variability and change) and the scientific tools used to study its characteristics and predict its evolution. The information produced are mainly directed at institutions, decision makers, public and private economic entities in order to support their efforts to reduce the impacts of climate variability and its changes on society.

  • Facilitate and support a systematic interaction between the scientific community, market actors and decision makers aimed at establishing a continuous and mutual exchange of knowledge and information.
  • Produce and transfer to a wide spectrum of users and stakeholders, simple, understandable and relevant information designed to facilitate decision making in planning the management and utilization of environmental resources nd to reduce climate-related risks.
  • Produce information about the climate of the recent past, present and future, both at the global, regional and local levels, including long-term trends, variability and extremes
  • Improve understanding of climate data and information resulting from scientific research by end users, with particular reference to the uncertainties associated with climate predictions and climate change projections.
  • Improve understanding of users’ needs and provide climate information that can be easily integrated into existing decision making processes.


The group’s main activities consist in the production of information about climate, its variability and change at both global, regional and local level, adequately processed to make them easily understandable and usable for a wide range of utilizations, users and stakeholders. In particular, provided information regards the climate (its variability with particular reference to extreme events) of the recent past (20th century), the present and the future, considering time scales ranging from seasonal and multi-annual, the next 10-to-30 years, until the end of the 21st century and beyond. In addition, data obtained from observations and models, and specifically tailored on users’ needs are distributed accompanied by analyses and interpretation tools. Workshops and seminars for experts and scientists, policy makers and administrators, are organized with the aim of improving the mutual exchange of information on needs and potentialities. The group produces and provides documentation (web pages, lectures, reports, educational materials) for the diffusion of state-of-the-art knowledge on climate-related issues and on the most advanced scientific achievemnts in this area. Finally, we perform detailed studies on climate variability and its impacts on specific issues raised and requested by users and stakeholders.