Credits: CC markwadd @Flickr.com

Alessio Collalti, researcher at the CMCC Foundation – IAFES Division, is the new coordinator of the work group on forest modelling of the Italian Society of Forestry and Ecology SISEF.

The SISEF group on forest modelling is focused on the following research topics:

  • To coordinate and integrate in a unitary perspective the knowledge on forest ecosystems acquired in the last decades;
  • To improve forest ecology in order to make progress from the simple description of the processes to the understanding of their underlying mechanisms;
  • To improve and foster the dissemination of information from research to management while translating research achievements and results in simulation tools for a better and more sustainable management of forests;
  • To improve and foster the dissemination of information from management to research while translating the experience in the field of forest management into a quantitative knowledge by using tools of analysis of the systems.

For more information, visit the official page of the group and explore its current initiatives and activities.