• Credits: ETC/CCA & EEA, 2018

    Europe’s border regions and maritime areas like its Arctic and Mediterranean regions are facing more negative impacts due to climate change, but countries responsible for these transnational areas are already taking action to adapt to changes like heat waves, or heavy rainfalls, according to an ETC/CCA Technical Paper […]

  • C Tutti i diritti riservati a Leonardo Company

    Third Place PhD students award to Paola Vesco and Gabriele Accarino with a project that explores the predictive potential offered by artificial intelligence tools to forecast future migration flows while identifying the most probable countries of origin and arrival in the medium-to-long term […]

  • 180423_BCS

    The project represented by Belgian weather presenter Jill Peeters has been awarded as the best initiative to communicate climate change in the international Call for Proposals conceived by the CMCC Foundation and co-produced with the Festival for the Earth […]

  • 181203_Mediterranean_Sea_MONGOOS

    On December 5-6, 2018, the Mediterranean Operational Network for the Global Ocean Observing System met in Genoa for its annual meeting to make a point and plan future activities and collaboration. The CMCC Foundation presented its major services and applications for coastal harbour downscaling in the Apulia Region, for oil spill response operations and for the identification of marine litter sources in the Mediterranean Sea […]

  • 181129_COP24

    Decarbonization policies, climate innovation and finance, climate services to support transitions to low-carbon and climate resilient societies, the evaluation of the EU Adaptation Strategy. From 2 to 14 December 2018, the negotiations and side events with CMCC at COP24 in Katowice, Poland […]

  • 181127_CMCC_webinar_low-carbon_finance

    Many studies analyze the innovation, diffusion, and cost developments of low-carbon energy technologies, but little research is dedicated to analyzing the financing dynamics of these technologies. Prof. Dr. Tobias S Schmidt and Dr. Bjarne Steffen of Energy Politics Group – ETH Zurich explored this issue while highlighting research results and their implications. Watch the video […]

  • Credits: European Parliament CC @Flickr.com

    What is the influence of institutions and governance on environmental policy, environmental performance, and green investment? And what about the influence of populism and public opinion on environmental policy adoption? A new study on Energy Research and Social Science explores the issue […]

  • think2030_500x290

    Europeans will not be able to live prosperous and healthy lives on a peaceful European continent in 2050 if they don’t reduce by 80% the amount of natural resources used for nutrition, housing, mobility and lifestyle needs. All the results of the #Think2030 new report […]

  • Photo by Michael Weidner on Unsplash

    It well suited for problems which have a complex structure that we don’t understand well, but about which we have huge amounts of information. This is the case, for example, of cumulus cloud systems for weather and climate models. Prof. Christopher S. Bretherton, University of Washington, USA, explored this issue in a CMCC webinar for the development of new parameterizations of cloud processes for climate models. Watch the video […]

  • 181116_copernicus_seasonal_CMCC

    Data, graphical products for several variables, and a multi-system made of 5 contributing centers. The Italian CMCC Foundation, along with the German DWD, joined ECMWF (EU), Met Office (UK) and MeteoFrance (FR) in the latest enhancement of C3S seasonal forecast component. […]

  • NASA/Joe MacGregor CC @Flickr.com

    The Italian National Antarctic Research Programme (PNRA) supports for the first time the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) by providing funds to five Italian projects to carry out intensive observational and modelling activities in order to improve prediction capabilities on a wide range of time scales in polar regions. Among the funded projects endorsed by YOPP, INVASI project lead by CMCC scientist Dorotea Iovino. […]

  • 181113_adaptation_EU_etc_cca

    Through the work carried out in the framework of the ETC/CCA, the CMCC Foundation contributes to the collection, assessment and sharing of the knowledge base in support to the development of the EU policy process in the area of climate change adaptation. […]

  • Ivana_foto-cut

    Films, books, concerts, exhibitions … you name it. She has probably already seen it, read it, done it. Or she has it on her list. Getting to know Ivana Losa of the Fundraising office, a Neapolitan heart that beats in Milan […]

  • 181114_ecomondo_vincitori

    The project “Light Blue” won as the most innovative and technological solution presented. The idea responds to the key challenge of reducing the plastic produced by tourists in Venice combining economic incentives and technology […]

  • Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

    It’s considered as a new strategy to complement traditional climate policies, but without sufficiently strong institutions, there is a risk that some countries will unilaterally deploy climate engineering to the detriment of other nations. The governance challenges and risks raised by climate engineering, in a study just published on Global Environmental Change by Johannes Emmerling and Massimo Tavoni […]