• 20180120_WEF_report_cover

    Environmental risks have grown in prominence over the last decades. According to the report just launched by the World Economic Forum, among the most pressing environmental challenges facing us are extreme weather events and temperatures; accelerating biodiversity loss; pollution of air, soil and water; failures of climate-change mitigation and adaptation; and transition risks as we move to a low-carbon society […]

  • 180117_oilspill

    After the collision of two vessels off Xangai, China, CMCC and University of Bologna deliver a bulletin on the average surface currents and drift due to ocean waves for the forecasted period between the 06/01 and 22/01/2018, and the oil spill trajectory in the period of interest. The winds are from the NOAA NCEP GFS weather forecasts and the currents from the Global Ocean CMEMS forecasts. […]

  • Credits: Chris Drackett CC @Flickr.com

    Sent out for comments from governments and other experts, the text is a work in progress which could change substantially and do not necessarily represent the IPCC’s final assessment of the state of knowledge. According to leaked IPCC drafts, we need unprecedented changes in energy use, industry and other sectors to limit global warming below 1.5°C […]

  • Food_Migration

    How food insecurity affects migration and vice versa? A new report analyses the nexus food-migration, with a focus on the trans-Mediterranean countries. CMCC researchers M. Santini, L. Caporaso, G. Barbato and S. Noce explore how climate change influences the past, present and future vulnerability of countries of origin, transit and destination of migrants […]

  • 151008_ipcc_carraro

    Elected in the EAERE Board in 2015, his two-year presidential term has begun in January 2018 and will end on December 31, 2019. He served as President-Elect in 2016 and 2017 and for other two years as Past-President, at the end of the presidential tenure […]

  • 20180109_Gothenburg2

    The call for papers of the congress, to be held on June 25-29, 2018, in Gothenburg, Sweden, is currently open. Researchers and experts are invited to submit theoretical and empirical papers in all areas of environmental and natural resource economics. Deadline for paper submission: 31 January 2018 […]

  • Credits: CC zagher @Flickr.com

    What are the implications of warming on agricultural productivity? A focus on Italian agriculture in a new study recently published on European Review of Agricultural Economics highlighting that farm net revenues are very sensitive to seasonal changes in temperature and precipitation while suggesting increasingly harmful effects under more severe climate scenarios […]

  • CC UNclimatechange @Flickr.com

    The Talanoa dialogue, the text on agriculture and the issue of Loss and Damage. The Local Communities and Indigenous People’s Platform and the Gender Action Plan to promote an inclusive and gender-responsive climate policy. The initiatives to support the most poor and vulnerable countries to the effects of climate change. The role of the civil society and the next steps.
    CMCC researchers Lucia Perugini and Eleonora Cogo, members of the Italian delegation, presented the main outcomes of COP23 […]

  • 20171214_Annual_Report_2016

    The highlights for 2016 of the different activities of the Center, from the refereed papers published in top scientific journals, to its networking capacity and its research projects. Antonio Navarra – President CMCC Foundation – presents the Annual Report 2016 […]

  • Credits: CC markwadd @Flickr.com

    Alessio Collalti, researcher at the CMCC Foundation – IAFES Division, is the new coordinator of the work group on forest modelling of the Italian Society of Forestry and Ecology SISEF. Among its research topics, the coordination and integration in a unitary perspective of the knowledge on forest ecosystems acquired in the last decades […]

  • 140107_esgf-modeling

    Alessandra Nuzzo, Maria Mirto, Paola Nassisi, and Sandro Fiore, CMCC researcher at ASC Division, received a group award for developing the new ESGF dashboard. The CMCC group addressed key challenges such as communicating the most important information in a straightforward way and allowing different users to view specific details simultaneously […]

  • Credits: CC Krisztina.Konczos

    Anthropogenic drivers, such as greenhouse gases and aerosols, have a leading role on the origins of the fluctuation in sea surface temperatures in the North Atlantic basin. CMCC researcher Alessio Bellucci provides new perspectives and insights on the international scientific debate around this issue, summarized and explored by Nature journal […]

  • CC sandeepachetan.com @Flickr.com

    How climate change affects slope stability? The more interesting research and case studies for the evaluation of ongoing and future landslide activity to be presented at the session organized by the CMCC Foundation – REMHI Division at EGU 2018, on April 8-13, 2018, in Vienna, Austria. Deadline for abstract submission: 10 January 2018 […]

  • 20171129_The_Grand_Challenge

    The presentation of the results of the international contest of communication and creativity. The winning works that highlight methods and opportunities for interaction with the environment and the effects induced by climate change. An event with the patronage of the CMCC Foundation. In Venice, on December 1st, 2017, during the celebration of the Antarctica Day […]

  • Credits: Wikimedia Commons

    Some kind of proteins can be up to 30 times more expensive than others for the environment. Or can be 240 more pollutant in terms of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. The animal and plant-source proteins production, their impacts on ecosystems, health and emissions, possible scenarios for a different future. The results of the study recently published on Land Use Policy by A. Di Paola and Monia Santini highlighting why our food choices matter […]