CMCC Strategic Plan and Report 2010/2011 are available online

“Leading Climate Science into the XXI Century. The CMCC vision toward 2020” is the title of the CMCC Strategic Plan 2013-2020 that is available for download on our web site. The document illustrates the strategic direction for the coming years and outlines the strategic imperatives that, with a comprehensive set of indicators, will drive and define our actions for the future.

CMCC also published the Report 2010-2011 that outlines the impact of the activities carried out by CMCC and contains an accountability report developed by monitoring and estimating the increase of the scientific productivity and the achievement of results in different fields. Dr. Antonio Navarra, President of CMCC, writes in the introduction that the report “provides an overview of how we decided to carry out our role over the past two years. The report also describe the intensity and importance of the challenge surrounding our work in the investigation of the Human Earth System. Scientific knowledge has helped us to understand the environment and human societies as interconnected systems. Investigation concerning these matters is key to finding a way out of the crisis. CMCC plays an active role in the innovation of global processes by improving the scientific understanding of climate change in order to provide public and private decision makers with accurate, trustworthy, and timely information”.

CMCC Strategic Plan 2013 2020
Leading Climate Science into the XXI Century – The CMCC vision toward 2020

Report 2010/2011



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