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The SEME Division analyses the transition to sustainability, helping identify and evaluate low carbon, sustainable strategies. The approach used is multidisciplinary, with strong use of quantitative methods based on data science, integrated modeling and experimental and behavioral economics.


  • Evaluate the low carbon transformation of the energy, land and climate sectors;
  • Evaluate behavioural and traditional policy interventions for promoting pro-environmental behavior;
  • Assess green innovation and its determinants;
  • Study the interplay between various sustainable development goals;
  • Identify robust policy strategies to climate risks and uncertainties;
  • Identify technological and societal transition pathways;
  • Study climate induced migration.
Research unitsTop
  • Behavioural economics

    Research unit leader:

    Giovanna d’Adda
    • Behavioural change
    • nudging
    • impact evaluation
    • behavioural policies
  • Climate migration

    Research unit leader:

    Cristina Cattaneo
    • Climate induced migration
    • conflict
    • skills
  • Sustainable innovation

    Research unit leader:

    Elena Verdolini
    • Green patenting
    • low carbon R&D
    • learning curves
    • energy system modelling
    • induced technical change
  • Integrated Assessment Modeling

    Research unit leaders:

    Johannes Emmerling and Laurent Drouet
    • IAM scenarios
    • international mitigation policies
    • modelling of impacts and adaptation
    • energy system modelling
    • inequality
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