Tropical cyclone effects on Arctic Sea ice variability

The paper Tropical cyclone effects on Arctic Sea ice variability by CMCC authors Enrico Scoccimarro, Silvio Gualdi, and Antonio Navarra has been recently published in the AGU journal Geophysical Research Letters (Vol. 39, L17704, 6 PP., 2012)

From the abstract of the paper:

In recent years increasing interest has been put on the role that intense Tropical Cyclones can play in the climate system. The paper “Tropical cyclone effects on Arctic Sea ice variability” is aimed at highlighting the effects of strong Tropical Cyclones over the Tropical Atlantic on the mean climate. Their composite effect on the surface winds is made apparent by a wide cyclonic perturbation that affects a large portion of the Atlantic tropical Ocean. Teleconnection patterns, which are visible in the Sea Level Pressure anomalies associated with this Tropical Composite Cyclone, appear to link the activity of the hurricanes to the Arctic Ocean. A significant negative correlation between the energy dissipated by hurricanes in the Tropical atmosphere and the sea ice cover along the Transpolar Drift Stream path, has also been found.


The paper at Geophysical Research Letters website
CMCC refereed publications page

Picture Credits: CC by NASA Goddard Photo and Video at Flickr

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