Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40 Want to know  climate information about any place on Earth?

GetClimate is the new CMCC’s application for iphone that visualizes global data on monthly average temperatures and precipitations.
Tap the icon and get climate data on your actual location.
Use the search bar and find information about any location in the world.

Data are visualized in a line chart that provides average temperatures (°C) and precipitations (mm/day) for the 1976 – 2005 period, thus providing the climate information of the last decades.

GetClimate also delivers news, events, articles and scientific publications, information and updates about the international debate on climate sciences and policy.

GetClimate was developed by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC), the Italian-based research institution that manages and promotes scientific and applied activities in the field of international climate change research.

GetClimate is easy to use, provides scientific information and is free
Download GetClimate from the AppStore for iphone

The data set delivered by  is Climatic Research Unit (CRU) TS (time-series) version 3.10 gridded data. CRU datasets are based on an archive of monthly means data provided by more than 4000 weather stations distributed around the world.

Data Credits: University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit (CRU). [Phil Jones, Ian Harris]. CRU Time Series (TS) high-resolution gridded data version 3.10.
NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, 2011, available from