The research consortium aims to exploit the results of the project by disseminating them to a set of end-users that already cooperate with each of the partners.

Therefore, in Portugal the connection with the Associação the Beneficiários da Lezíria Grande de Vila Franca de Xira (Association of Irrigation Farmers) and with the Associação de Agricultores do Baixo Alentejo (Farmers Association) will allow to locally disseminate the results of the project.

In Spain, the connection with FENACORE – Federación Nacional de Comunidades de Regantes de España (Federation of Irrigation Farmers Comunities) will allow to disseminate the results of the project both at national and euroepan level, since this organisation is involved with the EIC – Euro – Mediterranean Irrigators Community.

In Italy the work carried out will be developed in strict cooperation with the regional Environmental Protection Agency of the Veneto Region. The team responsible for the coordination and the project and the case study of the Venide Lagoon Watershed has a decadal collaboration in progress in the area with Arpav, which involves also several other important stakeholders, at the regional administration (e.g. Department of the Environment and Department of Agriculture), and at local (e.g. farmers’ association, irrigation boards) and national level.

Furthermore the project aims at including the participation of the decision-makers and stakeholders since the beginning of the research, to guarantee their recognition and acceptance of the actions and procedures that will bring to the identification of innovative adaptation strategies, practices and tools for saving water in irrigated production systems management in rural areas of Southern Europe.


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