From the methodological point of view, this project approaches the issues concerning the need of obtaining savings of water in agricultural systems through the integration of the technical aspects of irrigation planning of agricultural lands with socio-economic issues and ecological-environmental issues. Therefore, the simulation of climate changes and of socio-economic changes would be essential to identify adaptation strategies (irrigation structures, technologies, crops…) in areas where the drought pattern and the increasing pressure resulting from the growing demand of this scarce resource is creating serious difficulties to its sound and efficient management.

The project is organised in six workpackages (WP) and will be implemented, during 24 months, by a consortium of three institutions of three IWRM-NET partner countries. The leadership of all WP will be ensured by one participant institution. In order to achieve the proposed objectives, the Project will make efforts to reinforce the integration activities (interdisciplinarity, cross-sectoriality) and the involvement of stakeholders, non-governmental and community based organisations, decision-makers and policy-makers willing to participate in the discussions with their knowledge and expertise.

Project Description

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