CMCC Alumni organizes and manages a connection between alumni and CMCC.
By creating and managing both academic and social events CMCC Alumni provides opportunities to remain connected to the most current academic knowledge and build professional networks.

Are you a student,  a researcher who has worked at CMCC?
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Latest News

Sea ice melting and the warm currents of the Atlantic Ocean: the steps forward of science for increasingly detailed information

Arctic sea ice decreases; among the causes that have contributed to this recent loss, the poleward heat transport from the…

Forecast evapotranspiration: fundamental information for agricultural irrigation management

Insights and perspectives on the forecast of evapotranspiration product, why it is important for agriculture and urban landscapes, and how…

IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land just released

Land is a Critical Resource, IPCC report says. It is under pressure from humans and climate change, but it is…

Alps: new insights and strategies for adaptation

How to integrate climate change in local and regional planning, increasing local stakeholders’ awareness while guarantee a land and urban…

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