CMCC Alumni organizes and manages a connection between alumni and CMCC.
By creating and managing both academic and social events CMCC Alumni provides opportunities to remain connected to the most current academic knowledge and build professional networks.

Are you a student,  a researcher who has worked at CMCC?
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Latest News

Migrant networks and climate change adaptation

Migration is an important means to cope with the impacts of climate-related shocks. Several factors, among which the presence of…

The Sound of the Pacific

A tempting to explore the Sound of the Pacific by exploiting the correspondence between the waveform of the Southern Oscillation…

The one with questions

“The only silly question is the one that you do not ask” he keeps repeating his students. Let’s get to…

2020: the climate to come

From the COP25 in Madrid some useful indications to look forward to next year, to main topics of the negotiations,…

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