CMCC Alumni organizes and manages a connection between alumni and CMCC.
By creating and managing both academic and social events CMCC Alumni provides opportunities to remain connected to the most current academic knowledge and build professional networks.

Are you a student,  a researcher who has worked at CMCC?
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Latest News

Celebrating the mountains

Today, let’s stop at the top. It’s the day to recognize the importance of the mountains, it’s the occasion to…

Enhancing awareness: tools and strategies to disseminate climate and ocean literacy for students and adults

The meeting, entitled Climate and Ocean Literacy: tools for a sustainable future, was held in the Italian Pavilion at COP25…

The CMCC at the UN Climate Conference COP25

Energy and decarbonization policies, climate innovation and finance, adaptation strategies, standardized observations and climate sciences insights to support transitions to…

An action plan to make the land sector carbon neutral by 2040

Protecting forests, planting trees, reducing food waste and changing diets critical to cool, liveable planet; the US, the EU, China…

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