CMCC Alumni organizes and manages a connection between alumni and CMCC.
By creating and managing both academic and social events CMCC Alumni provides opportunities to remain connected to the most current academic knowledge and build professional networks.

Are you a student,  a researcher who has worked at CMCC?
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Latest News

Oil Spill: advanced research in support to disaster prevention

Starting from the second half of February, a large amount of tar landed on Israeli beaches as a consequence of…

Data Delivery System: the CMCC platform for obtaining and sharing climate data

A free, unique, seamless and open access point – available to the entire scientific community – that facilitates the dissemination…

Keeping healthy in a changing climate – Launch of the EU Climate and Health Observatory

A Policy Dialogue jointly organized by the European Commission and the European Environment Agency, in cooperation with the European Policy…

Jaroslav Mysiak joins the UNFCCC Expert Group on slow onset events

Recently established by the UNFCCC Executive Committee to respond to the growing need for enhancing understanding of the adverse effects…

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