CMCC research involves carrying out observations, forecasts and projections related to both regional and global climatic conditions. These activities facilitate information services for the dissemination of scientific knowledge applied to innovative products and solutions regarding choices and strategies in order to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

CMCC’s initiatives aim at enabling the interaction between scientists and those interested in scientific research to better address climate change problems and identify possible solutions.

These activities provide information and assessments that can be used in the economic sectors particularly sensitive to climate change and its impacts, such as agriculture and tourism, insurance and investment, the energy market and transport, trade and manufacturing.

CMCC addresses the world of business and production industries by producing and developing a range of activities and tools that include:

  • Feasibility studies, scenarios, the evaluation of uncertainties, the evaluation of climate change impacts on the marine environment, agriculture, economy, tourism, health and social aspects;
  • Applied research for the development and the transfer of new technologies to enterprises;
  • Platforms for discussions between the actors in the industrial and production industries, policymakers and public institutions, civil society;

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