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The era of climate opportunity

A dialogue with Michael E. Mann, one of the world’s most influential climate scientists and author of the book The New

Energy transition, inequalities, climate economics and policy: our virtual events at EAERE 2021

A summary of our contribution to the programme of the 26th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and

The pivotal role of cities for a sustainable future

European cities have the potential to lead the way towards a green, sustainable future, according to two assessments on urban

After the pandemic: economy, poverty and climate in the post-COVID-19 era

The economic activity might not recover quickly and poverty increase in the next 4 years, decarbonisation might be only temporary.

New European Partnership Commits the Waterborne Transport Sector to Zero Emissions by 2050

The Waterborne Technology Platform welcomes the Partnership as an opportunity to transform waterborne transport for the benefit of future generations.

Negative Emission Technologies: opportunities for Italy, Albania and Montenegro

The LONETA “Local opportunities for negative emission technologies and their application” project, coordinated by the CMCC Foundation, will be officially


  • SHYFEM - Shallow water HYdrodynamic Finite Element Model

    SHYFEM - Shallow water HYdrodynamic Finite Element Model is a package that…

    Cities & Coasts, Future Earth, Ocean.

  • FASST(R) - FAst Scenario Screening Tool

    FASST(R) is a source receptor model, an R version of the reduced-form…

    Cities & Coasts, Future Earth.

  • [email protected] - Land use change model

    The land use change model [email protected] was reformulated in Santini and Valentini…

    Future Earth, Global Policy, Water, Food and Land Use.

  • IDI - Integrated Desertification Index

    The Integrated Desertification Index (IDI) was developed (Santini et al., 2010) to…

    Future Earth, Water, Food and Land Use.

  • Medslik-II

    The oil spill model code MEDSLIK-II, based on its precursor oil spill model…

    Cities & Coasts, Energy, Future Earth, Ocean.

  • Publications

    On the interaction of mesoscale eddies and a tropical cyclone in the Bay of Bengal

    ODA - Ocean modeling and Data Assimilation.


    Population cluster data to assess the urban-rural split and electrification in Sub-Saharan Africa

    SEME – Sustainable Earth Modelling Economics.


    Energy efficiency and the role of energy-related financial literacy: evidence from the European residential sector

    SEME – Sustainable Earth Modelling Economics.


    Sharing the burden: quantifying climate change spillovers in the European Union under the Paris Agreement

    ECIP – Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy Division.

    Future Earth, Jobs & Growth.

    Subjective Well-Being at the Macro Level—Empirics and Future Scenarios

    SEME – Sustainable Earth Modelling Economics.

    Jobs & Growth.

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