Future Earth, Climate Change and Societal Challenges

Prof Nadia Pinardi,  Department of Physics and Astronomy
[email protected]

The PhD Committee of the Program is composed of lecturers from 15 Departments of the University of Bologna.


The Department of Physics and Astronomy
Ms. Maria Paola Buccella
[email protected]

This PhD focuses on earth sciences, climate change and impacts, mitigation/adaptation strategies, policies and measures, fostering multidisciplinary training.
The learning outcomes align with the goals of sustainable development. PhD graduates will actively contribute to design and implement solutions, strategies and policies for sustainable development in the XXI century, based on an advanced understanding of the risks arising from climate change.

The program will train earth and climate, food production, economic and social scientists and engineers for careers in academia, research, government, industry and international organizations.
Activities to be carried out by Doctoral candidates during the first six months of the PhD, the student will have to follow both cross-disciplinary and specialization courses that will illustrate the scientific problems connected with natural and man-induced hazards, mitigation and adaptation practices, social and economic systems and engineering.

In the second six months of the first year the student will be introduced in the different research groups of the chosen Main Themes (A,B,C,D in the research areas above) and every six months, meetings among students will be organized by the coordinator with all the students to check the progress.

Research training activities compliant with the Doctoral programme’s learning outcomes. The PhD program is organized around 4 Themes in the fields of (a) the earth system, (b) impacts, adaptation and vulnerability, (c) Technological innovations for a decarbonized society and (d) Socio-economic and legal studies for mitigation of climate change, as previously defined.
The students will be expected to choose one of these themes as their Main Theme at application time, and interdisciplinary work will be insured by cross-disciplinary courses taken during the first year.
Each student will have two supervisors, from two different themes or disciplines to enforce the cross-fertilization and the required cross-disciplinary approach requested by the challenge of climate change impacts, risk management and society.

The PhD program is the first of this kind in Italy: due to the large number of Department and expertise brought together it has the potential to be a leading doctoral program also in Europe.


The 36th cycle of the Ph.D Program “Future Earth, Climate Change and Societal Challenges” is now open for apllications

The DEADLINE is May 21, 2020

Available positions: 19 scholarships

3 scholarships founded by CMCC:

  1. Climate downscaling and oceanography
  2. Oceanography and marine pollution
  3. Ocean predictions

More information are available HERE

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