Cagnarini Claudia

Viale Trieste 127, 01100 Viterbo, Italy

+39 0761 309587

Claudia Cagnarini is a researcher at the Impacts on Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services (IAFES) Division working as an environmental modeler. She is also appointed as visiting scientist at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. She holds a master’s degree in “Chemical Engineering” at the University of Bologna and a PhD in “Agrifood Production and Environmental Sciences” at the University of Firenze. Working across the public and private sectors, she has accumulated extensive experience as model developer in different fields, from soil-plant carbon and nitrogen cycles, fluid-dynamic, pollution and processing engineering. In the last years she has been working in modelling soil carbon sequestration as a mitigation strategy against climate change and soil pollution induced by agronomic practices. She has participated in international research and R&D projects, including soil monitoring and modelling.

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