Patrizio Casey

via C. Berti Pichat 6/2 – 40127 Bologna, Italy

Casey Patrizio completed his PhD degree in Atmospheric Sciences at Colorado State University in 2021. His research interests broadly include climate dynamics and the mechanisms underpinning climate variability. In September 2021, Casey joined CMCC as a postdoctoral researcher in both the Climate Simulations and Predictions Division, and Ocean Modeling and Data Assimilation Division.

The goal of Casey’s PhD work was to clarify the role of ocean dynamics in climate variability, particularly in extratropical sea-surface temperature variability. At CMCC he will continue in this research direction, but with a focus on climate variability in the North Atlantic, including the role of atmosphere-ocean interactions and ocean mixed-layer processes. His research will contribute to the ROADMAP and MEDLEY projects.


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