Salis Michele

via De Nicola 9, I- 07100 Sassari

+39 079 229372

Degree in Agricultural Science and Technologies (2003), and PhD in Agrometeorology and Ecophysiology of Agricultural and Forestry Systems (2008) at the University of Sassari. Five years of Post-Doc positions at the University of Sassari and at the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC – IAFENT Division), with main investigation activity related to fire spread and behavior modeling. In 2010 he was invited as Visiting Researcher at the USDA Forest Service (Pendleton, OR and Missoula, MT) to work on fire behavior and exposure modeling.

He is responsible of the scientific research activity on forest fires for the CMCC IAFENT Division. Since December 2012 he is researcher at the University of Sassari.
His main research fields focus on:

  • Fire spread and behavior modeling;
  • Fire exposure modeling;
  • Assessment of climate and land use changes impacts on fire regime, behavior and exposure;
  • Evaluation of fire risk mitigation strategies.

Project Manager of the Italia-Francia Marittimo “Proterina-C” Project (2009-2012) for the University of Sassari, he collaborated and collaborates to research activities and management of several international and national projects.
Lecturer at international and national courses, both academic and operational.
Member of the Organizing Committee of an Academic Master course at the University of Sassari.
Author and co-author of several scientific articles and book chapters.

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