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Tools and methods to support adaptive policy making in marine areas: Review and implementation of the Adaptive Marine Policy Toolbox

Furlan E., Torresan S., Ronco P., Critto A., Breil M., Kontogianni A., Garmendia M., Pascual M, Sauzade D., Skourtos M., Marcomini A.
2017, Ocean and Coastal management, Volume 151, 1 January 2018, Pages 25-35, DOI:, web page

RAAS - Risk assessment and adaptation strategies

Città & coste, Oceano, Acqua, cibo, uso del suolo.

The Adaptive Marine Policy (AMP) toolbox: Supporting policy-makers developing adaptive policies in the Mediterranean and Black Sea

Garmendia M., Sauzade D., Beaumont N., Boteler B., Pascual M., Boudine T., Breil M., Furlan E., A. Kontogianni A., I. Krüger I., Le Tellier J., E. Gileva E., March D., Roeleveld G., Ronco P., Shivarov A., Skourtos M., Markandya A.
2017, Marine Policy, Volume 84, October 2017, Pages 99–109, DOI:, web page

ECIP - Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy Division

Città & coste, Lavoro & Sviluppo, Oceano, Acqua, cibo, uso del suolo.

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