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Micro-macro feedback links of agricultural water management: Insights from a coupled iterative positive Multi-Attribute Utility Programming and Computable General Equilibrium model in a Mediterranean basin

Parrado R., Pérez-Blanco D., Gutiérrez-Martín C.,Standardi G.
2018, Journal of Hydrology, Volume 569, February 2019, Pages 291-309, DOI:, web page

ECIP - Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy Division, RAAS - Risk assessment and adaptation strategies

Acqua, cibo, uso del suolo, Pianeta futuro.

Assessing direct and indirect economic impacts of a flood event through the integration of spatial and computable general equilibrium modelling

Carrera L., Standardi G., Bosello F., Mysiak J.
2015, Environmental Modelling and Software, Volume 63, January 2015, Pages 109–122, DOI: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2014.09.016, web page

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