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Reconciling global-model estimates and country reporting of anthropogenic forest CO2 sinks

Grassi G., House j., Werner A.K., Cescatti A., Houghton R.A., Peters G.P., Sanz M.J., Viñas R.A., Alkama R., Arneth A., Bondeau A., Dentener F., Fader M., Federici S., Friedlingstein P., Jain A.K., Kato E., Koven C.D., Lee D., Nabel J.E.M.S., Nassikas A.A., Perugini L., Rossi S., Sitch S., Viovy N., Wiltshire A., Zaehle S.,
2018, Nature Climate Change, volume 8, pages914–920 (2018), DOI:, web page

IAFES - Impacts on Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services

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