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The Importance of Marine Research Infrastructures in Capturing Processes and Impacts of Extreme Events

Lo Bue N., Mairi M. R. Best, Embriaco D., Dilumie A., Beranzoli L., Dewey R.K., Favali P., Feng M., Heesemann M., Leijala U., Ó’Conchubhair D., Scherwath M., Scoccimarro E., and Wernberg T.
2021, Frontiers in Marine Science, DOI:, web page

Pianeta futuro, Città & coste, Salute, Oceano.

Study on adaptation modeling

Botzen W., Bacciu V., Mereu V., Furlan E., McCall R., Torres L., Tesselaar M., Marzi S., Morales Irato D., Watkiss P., Ijff S., Mysiak J., Koks E., Mol J., Bloemendaal N., Robinson P., Hrast Essenfelder A. , Mereu S., Scoccimarro E., Zennaro F., Bosello F., Becker B., Trabucco A., Wens M., Medri S., Wouters L., Rizzo A., Nirandjan S., Ebrey R., Caires S., Lelij A.C. van der, Torresan S., Bigano A., Jeuken A., Aerts J., Mercogliano P., Ruiter, Winter G., Reder A.
2021, EU Publications, CLIMA/A3/ETU/2018-0010/ Final report, DOI: 10.2834/280156, web page

ECIP - Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy Division, IAFES - Impacts on Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services, REMHI - Regional Models and geo-Hydrological Impacts, CSP - Climate Simulation and Prediction Division, RAAS - Risk assessment and adaptation strategies

Politiche Globali.

Projected Future Changes in Tropical Cyclones using the CMIP6 HighResMIP Multi-model Ensemble

Roberts M.J., Camp J., Seddon J., Vidale P.L., Hodges K.,Vanniere B., Mecking J., Haarsma R., Bellucci A., Scoccimarro E., Caron L.P., Chauvin F., Terray L., Valcke S. , Moine M.P., Putrasahan D., Roberts C.D., Senan R. , Zarzycki C. , Ullrich P. , Yamada Y., Mizuta R., Kodama C., Dan Fu, Zhang Q., Danabasoglu G., Rosenbloom N., Wang H., Wu L.
2020, Geophysical Research Letters, DOI: doi: 10.1029/2020GL088662, web page

CSP - Climate Simulation and Prediction Division

Impact of higher spatial atmospheric resolution on precipitation extremes over land in global climate models

Bador, M., Boé, J., Terray, L., Alexander, L. V., Bellucci A., Haarsma, R., Koenigk, T., Moine, M.-P., Lohmann, K., Putrasahan, D. A., Roberts, C., Roberts, M., Scoccimarro E., Schiemann, R., Seddon, J., Senan, R., Valcke, S., Vanniere, B
2020, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, DOI: doi: 10.1029/2019JD032184, web page

CSP - Climate Simulation and Prediction Division

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