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Contact the Communication and Media Office for:

interviews with our scientists and experts; information on events, publications, research projects; invitation to give speeches and to take part in an event you are organizing; be included in our media list; questions and information on any other initiative.

Communication Office: [email protected] – [email protected]
Via Marco Biagi 5 – 73100, Lecce, Italy – 0832 1902411


Mauro Buonocore – Head of the Communication Office

Roberta Baria – Website & Mailing lists

Francesco Bassetti – Foresight

Ottavia Carlon – Online Events

Lucia Luperto – Events & Media

Alessandra Mazzai – News & Press Office

Manuela Santagata – Website & Events

Lorenzo Tarricone – Web & Graphic Design

Carlo PalmaWeb services and Applications Unit

Andrea Russo – Web services and Applications Unit

Gian Marco Vitti – Web services and Applications Unit

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@CmccClimate is how you can get in contact with us in the social media.

Follow our accounts, share your ideas, tag @CmccClimate.

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