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OASIS3, developed by CERFACS and available at the following link, is a portable set of Fortran 77, Fortran 90 and C routines. At run-time, OASIS3 acts as a separate mono process executable, which main function is to interpolate the coupling fields exchanged between the component models. OASIS3 supports 2D coupling fields only. OASIS3 has been extensively used in the PRISM demonstration runs and is currently used by approximately 15 climate modelling groups in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, India and Brasil. Within CMCC, OASIS3 is used by ANS Division to run several coupled models.
OASIS3 has been optimizied and parallelized by SCO Division in order to improve coupled models performance.  The optimization has been mainly focused on reducing the time spent for I/O operations reducing  the coupling time of 27%. The parallelization of the OASIS3 has been a further step for improving the elapsed time of the whole coupled model. The proposed parallel approach is based on the distribution of the fields over the available processes. Each process is in charge to apply the coupling transformations on the assigned fields.
The parallel OASIS3 is a research non-commercial product. It is made available to the scientific community upon request.

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