CMCC Newsletter 01/2015
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2014: the warmest year on the record

The last year ranks as the hottest since 1880, according to two separate analyses by NASA and NOAA scientists […]


Are we failing to stop climate change?

What does climate change have to do with our cognitive capacities, moral problems and our system of practical reason? Prof. Dale Jamieson (NYUniversity) and his vision of climate science in society


On the recent US-China agreement on climate change

A focus on the deal that has created more international impact than the EU has been able to elicit through years of steady and progressive climate action. From Carlo Carraro's blog […]


Wildfires: the Second International Conference in Alghero

Fire behaviour and risk, fire management, modeling, the relationships between climate and fire occurrence, adaptation and mitigation strategies, policies available and future perspectives. Researchers, stakeholders and policy makers whose activities are focused on fires and their impacts will meet in Sardinia. Call for abstract is open till January 31, 2015 […]

Credits: CC USFWS/Southeast

Impacts of climate change on the Venetian Lagoon

Climate change, sea level rise and the importance of coastal wetlands: a webinar to explore how these ecosystems act as efficient barriers to waves and erosion as well as their contribution to mitigating climate change. The example of the Zennare Basin in the Venetian Lagoon […]

Credits: CC kaibara87

Weather information for the aviation

User friendly data for detection and forecast of aviation hazards: an advanced platform developed by the Italian Aerospace Research Centre to providing multi-sources observational and forecast meteorological data in formats suitable for onboard transmission and tailored on pilots and flight management needs. Among the authors, three CMCC researchers […]

Credits: CC williamson

A global infrastructure to support climate change research

The Earth System Grid Federation, an international collaboration aiming at developing a software infrastructure needed to facilitate and empower the study of climate change on a global scale. Adopted by the CMIP5 archive, it includes services for data discovery, access, analysis and visualization, model output, observations, and reanalysis data. A new study on Future Generation Computer System […]

Credits: CC Mike McConnell