CMCC Newsletter 01/2016
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Methods and tools for vulnerability assessment

The regional workshop organized by the CMCC Foundation in the framework of the ClimaSouth project focused on the vulnerability assessment on coastal zone and agriculture sector. 
A joint training and the sharing of experiences and case studies to strengthening institutional adaptation capacity […]


The world's most influential scientific minds announced. Among them, Riccardo Valentini from CMCC Foundation

The Thomson Reuters listing based on citations and recognition by peers includes 44 Italian scientists. Among them also Riccardo Valentini whose research at the CMCC Foundation is focused on impacts on agriculture, forest and ecosystem services

Credits: CC Destinys Agent

A comparison of two simulations with climate model COSMO-CLM

The performance evaluation of the capabilities of the regional climate model COSMO-CLM in reproducing the main climate features of the Middle East and Northern Africa domain. A paper on International Journal of Climatology […]

Credits: CC Mussi Katz

Second Level Master in Marine Sciences: Ocean Physics and Technology

An advanced preparation in Oceanography and Marine Technologies. A specific high level training focused on the numerical methods of simulating the ocean environment, ocean monitoring and forecasting. The deadline for the Master registration has been postponed to February 20, 2016 […]

Credits: CC bathyporeia

Climate-related parameters as proxy for rainfall deficiency and aridity: the case study of Burkina Faso

A methodology for the identification of areas for which extreme climatological conditions may intensify aridity processes and rainfall deficiency. Those two aspects, combined with a potential water demand increase, may favor the intensification of the aridity processes […]

Credits: CC m'sieur rico

Addressing the impacts of climate change in the Tunisian coastal zone of the Gulf of Gabes

A Regional Risk Assessment methodology focused on sea-level rise and flood impacts for human and natural systems to support the development and prioritization of adaptation strategies […]

Credits: CC Ghassan Tabet

A review of multi-risk methodologies for natural hazards

The challenge for the development of comprehensive formal approaches for the assessment of different climate-induced hazards and risks. A new study on Journal of Environmental Management […]

Credits: CC United Nations Photo

Coastal zones: a methodology for the regional risk assessment of climate change impacts

DESYCO, a GIS based decision support system specifically designed to better understand the risks that climate change poses, such as the effect of sea level rise and coastal erosion on human assets and ecosystems. A new study on Ocean & Coastal Management […]

Credits: CC BRJ INC.