CMCC Newsletter 01/2017
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Methane: all the data of a key factor affecting climate change

A greenhouse gas with a global warming potential larger than CO2. A study provides information on its increasing concentrations. Among the authors, CMCC Monia Santini […]

Antarctica: the CMCC polar adventure started

The past climate and the evolution of the Antarctic ice sheet to assess the current rate of ice melting: CMCC researcher Florence Colleoni participates to the 32nd Italian Antarctic Campaign […]

Credits: OGS

Modelling oceans: studying the past to better understand the future

A research that opens the way for the development of a new, more accurate operational short-term ocean forecast system. From a study by the CMCC Foundation, new techniques to improve our understanding of the sea […]

Credits: CC Paulo Brandão

The role of Multilateral Development Banks in supporting climate action in developing countries

The key role of the private sector and the insurance sector in funding climate adaptation and mitigation measures and in providing insurance for climate impacts in developing countries. A video lecture by Christian Grossmann, Director of Climate Change, World Bank Group […]

Credits: CC Magharebia

COP22 in Marrakech: an assessment of its achievements

Keeping political momentum high was one the main goal of the Marrakech Climate Change Conference, as stressed by its slogan the “COP of action”. Many concrete issues had been left unanswered by the Paris Agreement. With its rapid entry into force, COP22 was asked to start considering how to shift from what was decided in Paris to how the agreement’s ambitious objectives will actually be fulfilled. A new post by Carlo Carraro […]

CC United Nations Photo