CMCC Newsletter 02/2013
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The Italian Society for Climate Sciences (SISC) launched

A meeting point for scientific knowledge from different disciplines to tackle the climate challenge. Call for papers open for the First Annual Conference […]

SISC - call for papers

Energy poverty alleviation and climate change mitigation: is there a trade off?

Energy poverty alleviation has become an important political issue in the most recent years. Several initiatives and policies have been proposed to deal with poor access to modern sources of energy in many developing countries.

CESM 1.0.2 near past initial conditions user guide: prescribing ice sheets

The Community Earth System Model has been developed and is maintained by NCAR. At this stage of the report, the CESM 1.0.2 includes atmosphere, land, ocean, sea-ice and a partially coupled ice sheets model. […]

Innovation Benefits from Nuclear PhaseOut: Can They Compensate the Costs?

Authors De Cian, Carrara and Tavoni show that phasing out nuclear power stimulates additional R&D investments and deployment of infant technologies with large learning potential […]

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Forest Fires in Italy: An econometric analysis of major driving factors

Melania Michetti and Mehmet Pinar investigate the causes of forest fires frequency and intensity in Italy during the first decade of the XXI Century […]

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PAPERS recently published in refereed journal

The full list of publications by CMCC researchers in JCR reviews, proceedings of national and international conferences, scientific books is available here

Lamon L., Rizzi J., Bonaduce A., Dubois C., Lazzari P., Ghenim  L., Gana S., Somot S., Li L., Melaku Canu D., Solidoro C., Pinardi N., Marcomini A.
An ensemble of models for identifying climate change scenarios in the Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia, 2013, Regional Environmental Change

Bosetti V., Carraro C., De Cian E., Massetti E., Tavoni M.
Incentives and stability of international climate coalitions: An integrated assessment, 2013, Energy Policy, Volume 55, Pages 44-56.

Mannarini G., Coppini G., Oddo P., Pinardi N.
A Prototype of Ship Routing Decision Support System for an Operational Oceanographic Service, 2013, TransNav, the International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 53-59

Mercogliano P., Segoni S., Rossi G., Sykorsky B., Tofani V., Schiano P., Catani F., Casagli N.
Brief communication “A prototype forecasting chain for rainfall induced shallow landslides”, 2013, Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., vol. 13, p. 771-777

Monteiro A., Fava F., Gonçalves J., Huete A., Gusmeroli  F., Parolo G., Spano D., Bocchi S.,
Landscape context determinants to plant diversity in the permanent meadows of Southern European Alps, 2013, Biodiversity and Conservation Journal

Turco M., Llasat M. C. , Tudela A., Castro X., Provenzale A.
Brief communication Decreasing fires in a Mediterranean region (1970–2010, NE Spain), 2013, Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 13, 649-652

Gualdi S., Somot S., Li L., Artale  V., Adani M., Bellucci A., Braun A., Calmanti S., Carillo A., Dell’Aquila A., Déqué  M., Dubois C., Elizalde A., Harzallah A., Jacob D., L’Hévéder B., May W., Oddo P., Ruti P., Sanna A., Sannino G., Scoccimarro E., Sevault F., Navarra A.
The CIRCE Simulations: Regional Climate Change Projections with Realistic Representation of the Mediterranean Sea, 2013, Bulletin of American Meteorological Society, 94, 65-81

Bellucci A., Gualdi S., Masina S., Storto A., Scoccimarro E., Cagnazzo C., Fogli P. G. , Manzini E., Navarra A.
Decadal climate predictions with a coupled OAGCM initialized with oceanic reanalyses, 2013, Climate Dynamics, Volume 40, Issue 5-6, 1483-1497

Mitigation policy, the need of a radical approach

Deforestation and CSS are among the key factors in the strategies to face the increasing global emissions, Riccardo Valentini says in this video interview to Climate Change TV […]


Public invitation to express interest for Marie Curie Individual Fellowships at CMCC

CMCC is taking into consideration the possibility to provide support to individual experienced researchers in order to develop research proposals with reference to the Marie Curie Individual funding schemes […]


Climate change adaptation in irrigation water management: the Icarus project and its final outcomes

Documents, reports and a DSS that is flexible, adaptable to different contexts, and allows the involvement of hundreds of stakeholders. The main outputs of the project. […]

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Best Climate Practices launched

The new ICCG observatory, a collection of initiatives and practices to address climate change […]


BFM official release meeting - March 19, 2013, Bologna (Italy)

The open source marine biogeochemical numerical model fully usable in coupled mode with ocean general circulation models will be officially released. All interested poeople are invited to participate. […]

light underwater

Best Practices to address climate change: local initiatives

In 2009, the European Commission presented a White Paper on adaptation to climate change, which states that "even if we are able to limit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the global level, it will take time before the planet is able to dispose of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (...) […]

The Climate Challenge in the Arctic. Environmental impacts, new opportunities and future policy options

The main drivers of change and their impacts in the Arctic marine area, emerging stakeholders, economic opportunities and policy options. An event by ICCG […]

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