CMCC Newsletter 02/2016
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The synergy of multilevel governance to face climate change

“Regional and local governments are ready to assume ambitious climate targets”. Francesco Pigliaru, President of the Sardinia Region and Chair of the ENVE Commission (Commission for the Environment, Climate Change and Energy) highlights the role of local communities to combine adaptation and mitigation, and to reduce the vulnerability. Watch the video […]


The Role of Regional Governments in Climate Change Policy

No effective implementation of climate policies without a collaboration at different levels of governance. A video from the magazine Climate Science & Policy […]

Credits: CC Hernan Piñera

Adapting European Societies to Climate Change

You need to evaluate the impacts, to monitor, and to develop an action plan. Hans Bruyninckx (EEA) on measures to adapt the society to climate impacts. Watch the video. […]


Expanding access to climate financing

The Best Climate Practices Contest 2016 is on and this year is focused on climate finance: submit applications (deadline: May 30, 2016) and vote for your favorite practice from June 13 to July 18, 2016. The winner will receive a prize of €3000 to use on developing their project


ClimaSouth training workshop on climate downscaling and forest fire impacts

A training workshop for the specialized staff of Algeria’s Office National de la Météorologie (ONM) on the topic of climate downscaling. Lectures and associated practical sessions on climate change, climate variability, dynamical downscaling and implementation of the COSMO-CLM regional climate model […]

Credits: CC Nahh

We need a new language to grasp the emerging diasporas

Climate change is an increasing cause of displacement across the world. «The language of immigration and refugees is insufficient to capture an emergent history», Saskia Sassen says […]

Credits: CC United Nations Photo

International Climate Policy: new design for ICCG magazine

The new edition of ICCG‘s International Climate Policy magazine is out. A clear analysis of the worldwide evolution of both international and domestic climate and energy policies, as well as the carbon market […]