CMCC Newsletter 02/2018
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The future and its opportunities: clean energy, job market, technologies and climate change

Getting rid of coal, learning to manage climate change risks in the best possible way, building a dialogue between science, business, decision-making, and society. The discussion panel organized by the CMCC Foundation in the context of "All4TheGreen - Mobilizing Climate Science" in Bologna to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the IPCC. With Youba Sokona, Carlo Carraro, Nadia Pinardi, Sandro Fuzzi, Andrea Segré, and Antonio Navarra. […]


The nexus between food and migration: the potential role of climate change

How climate change and food insecurity affects migration and vice versa? CMCC researcher Monia Santini will explore this issue taking part in the panel discussion "Agricoltura e cambiamenti climatici: i campi non sono più gli stessi" in the framework of the International Food Journalism Festival. On February 23, 2018, in Turin […]


Top 10 innovations that will help the world to cut CO2 emissions

The Innovation for Cool Earth Forum elected the most notable among recent innovative developments in energy and climate change mitigation area that had been presented within the past 2 years. Selection criteria include GHG emissions reduction potential, innovativeness, and overall feasibility. Here a presentation of the winning projects […]

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CMCC Webinar – “Blue Growth: science, society and innovation. A focus on the Mediterranean and Black Sea”

Webinar, h. 12:30 - March 27, 2018. Speaker: Giovanni Coppini, Fondazione Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici (CMCC-OPA division) […]

The subsidies conundrum amid emission reductions, renewable boost and social impacts

Would phasing out fossil fuel subsidies help the growth of renewable energy sources? Would it drastically reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere? The answer of a brand new study published in the journal Nature examines fully the issues at stake. CMCC researchers Massimo Tavoni and Johannes Emmerling are among the authors of this research. […]


Protecting the environment and rights is good for the economy: the CMCC at Milan’s Festival of Human Rights

What is the cost of climate change? Prof. Carlo Carraro, member of the CMCC Strategic Council, will meet the students on the inaugural day of the Festival, on 20 March, together with the cyclist Paola Gianotti, Guiness World Record for the bicycle ride around the world, in an event dedicated to exploring the links between Ecology, Economy and Ethics. Films, documentaries, debates, expert testimonies, music and graphics focused on rights related to the health of the Planet at Milan’s Festival of Human Rights, on March 20-24, 2018 […]


Sixth IAERE Annual Conference 2018

The 6th Annual Conference of the Italian Association of Environmental and Resource Economists to be held in Torino on February 15-16, 2018. CMCC researchers F. Bosello, A. Bigano, G. Standardi, S. Dasgupta, L. Bonacorsi, C. Giupponi, C. D. Pérez Blanco will join the conference […]


Economics at the service of biodiversity conservation: the CMCC Foundation joins the BIOECON research network

What are the economic and policy driven forces responsible for the decline of biodiversity? Which tools could tackle the effects of these drivers? With the aim of advancing economic theory and policy for biodiversity conservation, CMCC Foundation joins the BIOdiversity and Economics for Conservation (BIOECON) network […]

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CMCC Foundation joins the Coalition Theory Network

Advancing knowledge around coalition and network formation, one of CMCC research topics, is essential for improving the outcomes of international climate negotiations. Read about the new role of CMCC Foundation in the Coalition Theory Network […]

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Environmental and Resource Economists: the Secretariat of the European Association goes to CMCC

In 2018, the CMCC Foundation strengthens its role in the arena of environmental and resource economics with the new task of managing the Secretariat of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE). Get to know EAERE, an international scientific Association founded in 1990 to contribute to the development and application of these disciplines in Europe […]