CMCC Newsletter 03/2016 - Special issue on Paris Agreement
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Up to 155 Countries Set to Sign Paris Agreement

More than 150 governments, with US and China pushing to bring Paris climate deal into force as soon as possible, have confirmed that they will attend the signing ceremony on April 22 in New York. The Paris climate agreement needs to be approved by 55 countries accounting for at least 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions to enter into force. Last updates on events planned and the list of Parties signing the agreement […]

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Commitments to sign the Paris agreement are piling up

The high-level ceremony convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in New York on April 22 is approaching and and increasing number of countries have already promised to sign the global climate deal adopted at COP21: US and China, and then India, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Pacific island nations. Over 130 countries attending the signing ceremony including some 60 world leaders, UN says […]

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India affirms will sign Paris Agreement April 22

"Delhi is ready to endorse UN deal at 22 April ceremony", says India’s environment minister Prakash Javedekar, joining US and China in urging for early entry into force. More than 100 countries, including the largest four carbon polluters, have now declared their intent to sign last year’s Paris climate deal at a UN ceremony this month […]

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Papua New Guinea Sends in First Climate Plan under Paris Agreement

A new page on the UNFCCC Secretariat website to capture countries’ formal climate action plans under the Paris Climate Change Agreement. The first of these nationally determined contributions (NDCs) has come from Papua New Guinea […]

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Fresh Look for UNFCCC Newsroom

A new version of UNFCCC flagship website to reflect the top news and priorities following the historic Paris Climate Change Agreement and a new guide on its purpose and structure. Focus on News, Paris and Climate Action. Discover all the new sections