CMCC Newsletter 04/2013
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Geoengineering: a panacea or a false solution?

It is a controversial issue that requires a wide array of social and political responses. Ken Caldeira interviewed by Emanuele Bompan for Climate Science&Policy […]

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Modeling the Ocean for Climate Research

The relevance of providing data and models in a single, centralized, Data Center. Simona Masina MyOcean project and the role of CMCC. Watch the video […]


"A stronger, more resilient New York"

Michael Bloomberg presents the city’s long-term plan to prepare for the impacts of a changing climate in the wake of hurricane Sandy. Latest from Climate Policy News […]

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Geoengineering and abatement: a ’flat’ relationship under uncertainty

Scientific assessment of geoengineering effectiveness, costs, and impacts is at the core of a polarizing debate. A recent research paper on Solar Radiation Management by Johannes Emmerling and Massimo Tavoni […]

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Evaluating the Global Role of Woody Biomass As a Mitigation Strategy

As policy makers consider stringent targets for greenhouse gas emissions, integrated assessment models are increasingly relying on biomass energy as a critical energy source. A study by Alice Favero and Robert Mendelsohn examines the market for woody biomass by combining two different models

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Alpine region: climate scenarios for adaptation studies

A publication to better understand the past variability of daily climate extremes and to set up a basis for regional climate scenarios. A new paper published in Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences […]

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CMCC ranked again as one of the best center for climate research

A rank established on solid quantitative and analytical data developed by ICCG. A classification and a map of climate change research and policy studies which involved 260 think tanks


Carbon and Sustainability Managers with the Master in Sustainability and Carbon Footprint Management

A Ca' Foscari Challenge School master aimed at new, emerging professional roles. Deadline for applications: 30th September 2013 […]

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