CMCC Newsletter 04/2015
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Biofuels: potential benefits and risks

The economic value of Jatropha cultivation in the case study of Tanzania. Regional differences and a greenhouse gas balance of one of the most promising biofuels available. A new paper by CMCC researcher A. Trabucco […]

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Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security

While crops in some parts of the world benefit from the changing climate, anthropogenic climate change is posing an overall negative impact on agriculture and the food security that is dependent on it. An international Conference in Milan […]


A greenhouse gas balance of Italy

An insight on managed and natural terrestrial ecosystems. A book providing new data for a full carbon accounting now available to relevant stakeholders for improvements and verification of national inventories […]

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Po river discharge: hydrological simulations under climate change scenarios

The impacts on water availability of climate change on Po River basin. Climate and hydrological projections up to 2100 under two IPCC scenarios. A new study on Science of the Total Environment […]

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2015 Best Climate Practices on Water Availability for Food Production

Send your practice from March 30 to July 10, 2015. Vote and share your favorite practice from September 1 to September 15, 2015 […]


Coalition and Networks: a beautiful dozen

Twenty years. Twelve papers. Eight high-level scientific and academic institutions. A book that outlines the ideas and the vision of innovative research […]


Launching the consultation on agriculture and LULUCF

Two public consultations launched by the European Commission: on a legislative proposal on the effort of Member States to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and on the integration of agriculture, forestry and other land use into the 2030 EU climate and energy policy framework […]

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Arctic sea ice reaches its record low winter maximum

A maximum ice extent that is the lowest in the satellite record since 1979. Arctic summertime sea ice could vanish in the second half of the century, scientists say […]

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ICCG Webinar on Tackling complexity in a changing climate: the water-energy-food nexus in low income countries

May 08, 2015. Speaker: Louise Karlberg, Stockholm Environment Insitute, Sweden.
Meeting human aspirations in an increasingly resource limited world and in the perspective of a changing climate, requires that resources are used prudently […]

II International Conference on Fire Behaviour and Risk

The II International Conference on Fire Behaviour and Risk will be held in Alghero, Italy, from May 26th to 29th, 2015. The Conference […]