CMCC Newsletter 04/2018
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Cities continue to take the lead on climate action

With a new worldwide headquarters in Brussels and a new commitment to develop a City Research and Innovation Agenda to address critical knowledge, data, and innovation gaps that will enable cities to take accelerated and more ambitious climate action, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy prove that cities are at the forefront of climate action […]

CC Luc Mercelis

Solar capacity and investment on the rise

According to the new report Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2018, with a record 98 gigawatts of new capacity and 160.8 billion in investments, solar shone brighter than any other technology in 2017 […]

CC James Moran

Mapping innovation: a global outlook of Climate Services

They provide climate information in a way that assists decision making, such as projections, forecasts, trends, economic analyses, assessments, counseling of best practices. CMCC researcher Francesca Larosa explores the landscape of climate innovation in Europe by focusing on research on climate services. Watch the video […]

CC Jackman Chiu

Marine litter in the Mediterranean: a snapshot of the CMCC research

A study explores the transport and fate of plastic marine debris in the Mediterranean Sea with the aim to find solutions to this key issue […]


Open Call for participation in the Multi-User Forum established in the context of the CLARA H2020 innovation action

To foster the users’ engagement and co-generation of climate services, the CLARA Project, coordinated by CMCC, established a Multi-User Forum that comprises public bodies and authorities, irrigators’ associations, energy producers, civil protection, insurance companies, and other financial organisations. The call to join the forum is open until until May 21, 2018 […]


Earth System Models: 20-years of Successes, tough choices and persistent problems

Richard Neale, Project Scientist at NCAR - National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, presented a selection of results showing the evolution of simulation skill through six generations of the NCAR atmosphere model and five generations of the NCAR coupled model. watch the video of the CMCC webinar […]


Agriculture in Southern Italy: planning ahead to address water risk

Water management for agriculture is essential to tackle water stress exacerbated by climate change. A study assessed the vulnerability of irrigated agriculture in six irrigation districts in Sardinia, Sicily, Puglia and Basilicata. Among the authors, the CMCC researchers Serena Marras, Simone Mereu, Donatella Spano and Antonio Trabucco […]

Credits: Di Johnste - CC BY-SA 3.0 wikimedia commons

Carbon Pricing and Global Warming: assessing the macroeconomic impacts

To what extent can a worldwide carbon pricing foster the transition towards a low-carbon economy and help mitigate the effects of global warming? Economist Gael Giraud discussed the macroeconomic impact of carbon pricing and public subsidies while evaluating the extent to which these policies are sustainable. Watch the video of the CMCC seminar […]


Arctic: winners and losers of the last frontier race

Interview with Marzio Mian, journalist and author of the book "Artico.La battaglia per il Grande Nord", about the deep transformations occurring across the Arctic Circle due to climate change and the protagonists of the race that is shaping the future of region […]

CC NASA Goddard Photo and Video