CMCC Newsletter 05/2014
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Climate and business: a risk assessment for the United States

Framing climate change as an economic risk for business and for society: findings from the bipartisan report of the Risky Business Project with the contribution of CMCC models […]


Value of OrientGate climate scenarios recognised by Adriatic Ionian Cooperation Programme

The Adriatic Ionian Cooperation (AIO) Programme 2014–2020 involves 31 regions in four EU countries and four candidate countries. Its draft strategy, published on July 2, 2014, mentions the OrientGate project's climate change impact scenarios as a valuable resource for the programme […]

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Here the compilation of the world's most influential scientists. Among them, Riccardo Valentini from the CMCC

The Thomson Reuters listing based on citations and recognition by peers. In the category "Environment / Ecology" also the Director of the CMCC Division focused on Impacts on Agriculture, Forest and Natural Ecosystems […]


CMCC featured again as one of the best think tank in the world in the ICCG ranking

More than 200 think tanks specialized in the field of climate change economics and policy, an innovative methodology that incorporates a set of 15 indicators to measure the influence and effectiveness of research findings. Released the results of the ICCG's Climate Think Tank Ranking […]


"Safer transport in the Mediterranean Sea", the interviews

The interview realized at the last IONIO conference "Safer transport in the Mediterranean sea", the event gathering together researchers, experts, policy makers and potential end-users to talk about future challenges and objectives of operational oceanography […]

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CMCC Annual meeting 2014: best poster award to "Denmark Strait circulation scheme in an eddy-resolving model"

Awarded the poster by D. Iovino, C. Herbaut, M.-N. Houssais and S. Masina about Denmark Strait Overflow Water, one of the main components of the thermohaline circulation in the North Atlantic […]

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Recognizing the value of forest services

Socioeconomic benefits and needs for energy, food and a wide range of other goods and ecosystem services: news and analyses from the 2014 FAO report and the CMCC's projects to improve forest resources while fostering their sustainable use […]