CMCC Newsletter 05/2015
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Climate Change Generation. Valuing Young People’s Voices

For them, it is here and now. It belongs to our times but often we don’t know enough about the way they engage with it. Adam Corner (COIN) on how and why to talk about climate to young adults […]

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OrientGate: the Data Platform is online

A tool for scientists, experts and policymakers. Visit the project website and explore its main contents and functionalities with a new video tutorial […]


G7 leaders agree for a decarbonized economy this century

A commitment to phase out fossil fuel use by the end of the century while enabling all countries to follow a low-carbon and resilient development pathway. Read the summit’s final declaration […]

Credits: Bundesregierung/Kugler

Adaptation in water and coastal areas in Puglia: released the report

Download the final report of the Pilot Study within the Orientgate project drafted by CMCC. An assessment of risks to water resources and coastal zones under climate modifications, including extremes, to mainstreaming climate adaptation into planning […]

Credits: Laura Caciagli

The map of the Mediterranean climate in the 21st century

How the geographic distribution of the Mediterranean climate will change based on the latest-available climate projections for the 21st century. A study by CMCC researcher A. Cherchi on Scientific Reports […]

Credits: Laura Caciagli

Mediterranean tree species: a basis for understanding forest dynamics

Modelling the natural vegetation dynamics in the Taurus mountains, Turkey, to investigating the past forest–society interactions in the territory. A new study on Ecological Modelling […]

Credits: CC VSmithUK

Mediterranean Sea: scenario analysis

An analysis of the impacts of climate change and environmental management policies on the Mediterranean Sea. A study on Journal of Marine Systems […]

Credits: CC 360around

Tropical forests: the impact of selective logging

The negative effects of selective clearcutting on forest structure, tree diversity and above-ground biomass of African tropical forests are greater than expected. A new study on Ecological Research […]

Credits: CC Peter R Stewart

Tropical forests: the effects of a changing climate

Productivity and carbon sequestration capacity in the forest ecosystem. A meta-analysis designed to find the shared climate drivers of tree growth and their relative importance across pan-tropical forests. A study on PLoS ONE by CMCC researcher A. Trabucco […]

Credits: CC Liam Quinn

Climate change: projected impacts in the Himalayan region

How might change in the future the spatial distribution of bioclimatic strata and ecoregions within the transboundary Kailash Sacred Landscape (KSL) of China, India and Nepal. A study on Climatic Change […]

Credits: CC ccdoh1

On the internal variability of simulated daily precipitation

A method to capture the internal precipitation variability. A simulation in a stationary climate with the CMCC-CM coupled general circulation model. A new study on Journal of Climate […]

Credits: CC Kristofer Williams

Landslides: two case studies for a comparison of methodologies

Two exemplary sites in Italy, Cervinara and Orvieto. Two different approaches currently applied to investigate various hazards in different geographical areas and geomorphological contexts. An analysis for understanding their performances and constraints. A new study on EJGE

Credits: CC EDubya

Wildfires: new policies and directions for future research from Alghero outcomes

Research results and experience reports on the effects of fire on the environment and society. The book of abstracts of the International Conference on Fire Behaviour and Risk is now available […]

Credits: CC The U.S. Army

Modelling of wildfires and their environmental impacts

An event about the research in the field on June 22-26, 2015 at Miramare, Trieste, Italy. With a talk of the CMCC researcher Michele Salis […]

Credits: CC NASA: 2Explore

Protected areas: assessing climate change impacts for biodiversity conservation

The potential impacts of changing bioclimatic conditions on protected area network. The case study of Yunnan, China, a region rich in biodiversity and threated by rapid change and agricultural expansion. A new study on Biological Conservation […]

Credits: CC Global Water Forum

Cibo e Clima: sfide ed opportunità per un nuovo paradigma di sostenibilità

This event is available only in Italian language. Da più parti oggi si chiede di riflettere sul futuro del sistema agro-alimentare mondiale, ma […]

Venezia ArtNight 2015 – ICCG Movie Drops

This event is available in Italian language only In un mondo dal clima che cambia e dalle attività umane sempre più intense, la […]

Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services

Humanity is called to cope with unprecedented challenges. The scale of human impact on our planet has been increasing decade after decade. The […]

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Slope Safety preparedness for effects of climate changes

A unique opportunity for reviewing and consolidating the state of practice in relation to slope safety preparedness for climate change effects, knowledge sharing and transfer, strategic discussion of pertinent issues. Napoli - November 17 / 18, 2015 […]