CMCC Newsletter 05/2016
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Climate challenges and solutions under the 2°C target

The Annual Conference of the Italian Society for Climate Sciences (SISC) will take place on October 19-20, 2016 at the Ex Manifattura Tabacchi, Cagliari, Italy.
The conference, entitled “Climate challenges and solutions under the 2°C target”, is organized by SISC in cooperation with other Italian Institutions and aims to foster the scientific debate among scientists, policy and decision makers (Italians and foreigners), NGOs members and other stakeholders whose activities are focused on climate change, as well as its relationships with the environment and socio-economic systems, opportunities and solutions helping in respecting the recent Paris agreement.
The call for poster is open.
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The rising impact of finance on climate change control

A framework aligning the decisions of financial institutions with long-term climate goals is taking shape. Carlo Carraro highlights the key role of climate finance […]

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ICCG Lecture Series on Climate Finance

Barbara Buchner, Executive Director, Climate Policy Initiative, opens this new cycle and explores the influence of the Paris Agreement on the climate finance agenda. Watch the video […]

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A fellowship to study the Mediterranean climate

A PhD grant at the University of Salento to carry out research on the climate of the Mediterranean region in the framework of the global climate change soon available. Find out how to apply […]

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Facing forest wildfires: a new group for forestry fire management

First meeting of the SISEF group for the management of forest wildfires in Italy. The group wants to improve research and collaboration while providing information to society. Michele Salis (CMCC) was elected as one of the the coordinators […]

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University of Alcalá Extraordinary Prize: a new recognition for the CMCC's research

CMCC researcher Dionisio Perez awarded by University of Alcalá. An important recognition of the quality of his PhD thesis and scientific publications […]

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Water and economic instruments

A lecture delivered by Carlos Dionisio Pérez-Blanco, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow and CMCC researcher, on the economic instruments, such as water charges, water markets and water buyback, that can be used to protect water basins from overexploitation […]

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Renewable energy: new record reached in 2015

Global investments risen to 286 billion US dollars and installations for 147GW of of renewable power capacity added: all the results of Renewables 2016 Global Status Report released by REN21 […]

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