CMCC Newsletter 06/2014
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Biodiversity at stake

Threats and opportunities for species and ecosystems resulting from different measures of climate change. Rachel Garcia talks about new scientific outcomes […]

Aloe Trees Namibia Desert Africa

Addressing climate change in sub-Saharan Africa

Impacts and implications on adaptation for the most vulnerable populations in the African continent. Talking with Christoph Müller […]


Global health and climate-change: together bound

It makes many existing diseases and conditions worse, and it may also contribute to the introduction of new pests and pathogens into new regions or communities. George Luber – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – talks to CMCC and explains why climate change is a critical public health problem […]

CC by Daniel Mayer, via WikiMedia Commons

Climate change: Italian partnership for public disclosure and global research

The Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) and the International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG) have signed an agreement for mutual cooperation in providing in-depth reportage on one of the most important and complex challenges of our time

Credits: CC Wurz

Best Climate Practices for Energy Poverty Alleviation

Send your practice from July 10th to October 15th, 2014. Vote for your favorite practice and share it on social networks from October 16th to 31st, 2014


C-GLORS, the CMCC Global Ocean Physical Reanalysis System

CMCC efforts to build a state-of-the- art reanalysis system able to run at different resolutions and to assimilate several observing networks: configuration and basic validation of the CMCC reanalysis system (version 3.1) recently used to produce an ocean reanalysis for the altimetry era (1993-2011) […]

An analysis of the 2013 Christmas Storm over Northern Italy

The heavy and diffuse precipitations events occurred between the 24th and the 26th of December 2013 in Europe. In a research paper by ISC Division, a definition of extreme events is proposed, followed by a meteorological description of the 2013 Christmas event with a special focus on Veneto and Trentino regions […]

Implementation of LIM2, a sea ice model

The physical processes acting on sea ice as represented in LIM2, a numerical model of sea ice specifically designed and developed for climate studies and operational oceanography. The description of its coupling with the ocean component of the NEMO system in the framework of the CMCC eddy-resolving global oceanic configuration

Oceanic models: evaluating characteristics of the PELAGOS model

A description and assessment of the computational performance of the PELAGOS coupled model, a global ocean coupling of NEMO and BFM. A comparison of CMCC architectures on which the model is running, and insight regarding focal points pertaining to near and long-term optimization possibilities […]

Simulations of climate variability in the Mediterranean sea

The application of a regional ocean circulation model to simulate climate current conditions and mid-term projections in the Mediterranean sea: on the basis of the last IPCC AR5 climate projections and previous projects findings, a detailed analysis of the available external forcing data to define the most up-to-date scenarios for the 2000 - 2050 period. A report by CMCC's ANS Division […]

Economic impacts of drought on agriculture: an Italian case-study

The losses in the agricultural sector in terms of reduced yield and output for some of the most important crops and social impacts of droughts in the Po river basin, Italy. A new impact assessment and modeling study by CIP Division explores the challenges posed by water security and soil degradation in the Southern European countries […]

Climate change: implications for energy and water security in Italy

The role of climate variability as a part of the structural vulnerability of thermo- and hydroelectricity generation. An analysis of the inter-dependences of energy and water in the Po River Basin District in a new research paper from CIP Division […]