CMCC Newsletter 07/2014
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One planet, one ocean: management approaches for ocean governance

It’s a matter of science and research, but it’s also a matter of gender equality. A conversation on sustainability, climate change and the conditions of women in the most vulnerable societies […]


Understanding dynamics and current developments of extremes in the Mediterranean region

Extreme temperature, heat waves, heavy precipitation, floods, droughts, sea level rise and impacts on society: a collection of new research contributions related to the activities of the MedCLIVAR and CIRCE projects on climate extremes. A special issue on Natural Hazards and Hearth System Sciences […]

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Understanding storminess evolution

A study on Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences based on a new set of climate simulations analyzing future changes of storm surge extremes along the Mediterranean coast […]

Credits: Laura Caciagli

HyMeX, a snapshot on the Mediterranean water cycle

A 10-year multidisciplinary program on water cycle variability especially focused on hydro-meteorological hazards, extremes and the adaptation capacity of the Mediterranean territories and populations in the context of global climate change. A new study on the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society […]

CC Global Water Partnership - a water secure world

Climate change and agriculture: impacts on olive, winter wheat and tomato

An assessment of climate change impacts on crop evapotranspiration, irrigation requirements and yield in the Mediterranean region. Two studies on Agricultural Water Management […]

Credits: CC beamillion

Climate change impacts on vegetation and water cycle in the Euro-Mediterranean region

An ensemble of simulations to investigate the uncertainty upon predictions of the future Euro-Mediterranean vegetation distribution, carbon dynamics, and water budget. A new study on Regional Environmental Change […]

Credits: CC Pierluigi Luceri

Biodiversity mapping in an African forest

An assessment of the biological diversity of tropical forests, major repositories of biodiversity fast disappearing as land is converted to agriculture, by the use of airborne hyperspectral data. A new study on PLOS ONE […]

Credits: CC RobW_

A full greenhouse gases budget of Africa: synthesis, uncertainties and vulnerabilities

Improved estimates of the carbon and greenhouse gases balance of continental Africa. Southern Africa is the main source region, while central Africa, with its evergreen tropical forests, is the main sink. Emissions from land-use change, selective logging and wild fires are also taken in consideration. A new study on Biogeosciences […]

Credits: virtualwayfarer CC @Flickr

Once again the CMCC is partner of the Think Forward Film Festival

The third short film contest of the TFFF has been launched: take your chance and submit your entry by October 1st 2014. The best works will be presented at the TFFF -4th edition, from December 12 - 13, 2014, in Venice […]