CMCC Newsletter 07/2015
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“Over here and nowadays”: pictures from everyday climate change

Photographer James Whitlow Delano on the importance to deal with climate change. From July 28th to August 28th 2015, an exhibition in Milan presents his project […]


Climate Policy amidst Uncertainty, Risks and Expectations

Ways to design efficient climate policies generated by using the latest data and methods from climate and decision science. An Italian research published in Nature Climate Change […]


Smart Agriculture in a Climate Changing World

Food and climate change their interactions, a dialogue between scientists, decision makers, and business. An event organized by CMCC at EXPO 2015 - Padiglione della Società Civile Cascina Triulza, Milano - September 07, 2015 […]


Providing environmental awareness to the urban coasts

Hurricanes, beach erosion, structural damage to big coastal cities, flooding: prof. Alan Blumberg at the CMCC's Ocean Lab in Lecce to explain how to enhance our resilience to climate change and extreme weather events. Watch the video […]


A glaciation scenario for a nuclear power plant

The CMCC's supercomputer calculations about the impact of an extensive glaciation. The implications in the framework of the risk assessment of two repositories for nuclear spent fuel […]

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Fighting forest wildfires

A video to present the main objectives, activities and results of the OFIDIA project - Operational FIre Danger preventIon PlAtform. A description of the wireless sensors network, of the structured data collection system and of the data archive and analytics platform. Watch the video […]

Credits: CC USFWS/Southeast

Assessing landscape scale wildfire exposure

The case study of a fire-prone area in central Sardinia, Italy. A methodology to address and inform fire risk management, landscape planning and people safety. A study on Environmental Management […]

Credits: CC BLMOregon

LiDAR data for forest monitoring

A tool to assist with forest recovery assessments that may be applicable in conservation planning and carbon storage assessments. A new study on Remote Sensing […]

Credits: CC Denis Messié