CMCC Newsletter 07/2016
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CMCC After Paris – Annual Report 2015

A snapshot of the year that will be will be remembered as the year of the Agreement on Climate, and a glimpse towards the future that 2015 has prepared for us. Antonio Navarra – President of the CMCC Foundation – introduces the Annual Report 2015 […]


Geo-hydrological hazards: the case study of the Amalfi coast

Two studies by CMCC researchers G. Rianna, L. Comegna, P. Mercogliano and L. Picarelli from REMHI Division explores the effect of climate change on future variations in shallow landslide hazards for defining reliable adaptation measures […]

Credits: CC Alpha 350

Optimal ship routing for crossing the Atlantic

CMCC researcher G. Mannarini will give a seminar at MIT to illustrate the work to develop a numerical model that calculates the efficient and safe routes for a vessel to take across the Atlantic Ocean while presenting the preliminary results of the AtlantOS project […]

Credits: CC Paul Gillard

Second Level Master in Marine Sciences: Ocean Physics and Technology

An advanced preparation in Oceanography and Marine Technologies. A specific high level training focused on the numerical methods of simulating the ocean environment, ocean monitoring and forecasting. The deadline for the Master registration has been postponed to February 20, 2016 […]

Credits: CC bathyporeia

Workshop on Mediterranean Advanced Modelling

On November 15, 2016, in Split, Croazia, the MONGOOS workshop on recent progress and strategies on ocean and coastal modelling. Participations of teams not involved in opearational oceanography are welcome […]

Credits: CC scot2342

Best Papers Award: a CMCC study selected

A new recognition for the CMCC Foundation's research: V. Giannini from ECIP and RAAS Division awarded for the paper "A participatory process to design climate change adaptation measures for the Carmen-Pajonal-Machona lagoon system in Mexico" at the North American Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation in New York. The paper has been commended for its relevance, scientific adequacy and methodology […]

Credits: Valentina Giannini